YPFP is a nonpartisan network of over 20,000 emerging global leaders who:

  • Energize foreign policy discussions by making diverse, cross-sector NextGen voices more informed and influential
  • Promote innovation in international affairs by inspiring, training, and connecting the next generation of global leaders
  • Believe that today’s most pressing global challenges can most effectively be addressed by nonpartisan, multinational solutions

Founded in 2004 as a small discussion group of friends, YPFP’s membership now spans 80 countries and a network of over 20,000 NextGen professionals.

Washington DC, London, Brussels, and New York comprise YPFP’s four core branches, while smaller hubs from Toronto to Tel Aviv expand the reach of our global community of young professionals who are passionate about solving foreign policy challenges. Our NextGen network energizes the crucial people-to-people infrastructure that supports both traditional foreign policy development and the exciting new possibilities and ideas that fresh perspective brings. 

In 2017, YPFP…

  • Published over 180 articles in our online journal Charged Affairs
  • Hosted 179 educational events around the world
  • Trained 24 fellows who published 187 original articles 
  • Organized 22 working groups on topics from terrorism, to gender, to energy
  • Supported more than 100 refugee families 

YPFP believes that the future deserves a seat at the table and we’re working every day to give that voice to emerging leaders; and to make those voices more informed and influential than ever before. As we look at the state of the world today, has this mission ever been more important?

YPFP Offerings

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