Diablo 4 Empress Setup on PC Diablo 4 Empress When it comes to getting down to the details, the Barbarian class in Diablo 4 is the perfect choice. Just like in previous Diablo games, Barbarians excel in health and strength, maintaining their reputation as the most robust class. Similar to their predecessors, Barbarians generate Fury with every attack, enabling them to unleash devastating skills that require this resource to vanquish demons in the most brutal fashion. An exciting addition to the Barbarian class in Diablo 4 is the Arsenal System. This innovative mechanic introduces four weapon slots, allowing players to wield both one-handed and two-handed weapons in a single build. Alternatively, one can opt for the daring strategy of carrying four legendary weapons simultaneously, resulting in remarkably overpowered exploits. Fortunately, the management of all these weapons is streamlined, as your chosen Fury skill will automatically utilize the required weapon without the need for manual intervention. This ensures a seamless gameplay experience. To effectively handle swarms of enemies, the Sorceress is an exceptional choice. With mastery over elemental powers such as lightning, fire, and frost, the Sorceress becomes a valuable asset when confronting the most perilous adversaries in Diablo 4. Furthermore, her lethal ranged attacks make short work of large groups from a safe distance.