FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                   Christina Connelly-Kanmaz



WASHINGTON, DC– For the first time, YPFP, in partnership with the Global Roundtable, selected the U.S. delegates for the annual Y20 meeting that takes place in conjuction with the annual G20 summit. To ensure the voices of young Americans are represented and engaged, YPFP will send two young leaders to Y20 meeting in Córdoba, Argentina. The Summit will be held from August 13 through 18.

The 2018 Y20 American Delegates are:

  • William Greenlaw- New York State Attorney General’s Office
  • Elizabeth Zalanga- City of Minneapolis, Office of Community Planning and Economic Development

Upon the selection of the delegates, YPFP’s President, Alexia D’Arco, released the following statement:

“The two U.S. delegates that YPFP selected for the 2018 Y20 Summit are emerging leaders who are passionate about working with their international counterparts to drive innovation and help solve the world’s biggest challenges. While in Argentina, they will practice the tools of diplomacy to negotiate policy recommendations that will reflect that concerns, needs, and perspectives of American youth. YPFP is proud of the U.S. delegates and we are eager to show the nation and the world that American youth are committed to global cooperation.”

The Y20 is a unique opportunity for young people from G20 countries to influence global policymakers by providing a platform for their voice at the G20 Summit. Y20 delegates will craft a position paper that reflects the priorities of youth in the digital economy and issues related to education, and deliver more than 20 entrepreneurship projects for the summit. Delegates will also engage with a wide range of Chambers of Commerce, forums, and regional dialogues. Recommendations from the Y20 position paper will be presented directly to G20 leaders at the summit. In the past, key issues that pertain to youths were adopted by then G20 leaders from the Y20 communique.

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