YPFP featured in brand new Brussels podcast

YPFP has been mentioned in a brand new podcast run by students from the Brussels School of International Studies (BSIS).


Beyond Brussels, a free web-based podcast focusing on current affairs, features insightful discussions and debates on the world’s hottest topics. Interviews and debates on serious topics are mixed with interesting initiatives and events across Brussels and further afield.


In episode one of the podcast, BSIS student and YPFP staff member Hazel Ebenezer discussed how she became involved in YPFP and gave an insight into some of the professional and social activities organised by the Brussels branch.


Our programmes officer said: “I found out about YPFP through Facebook. When I went to my first event, it was a great group of people, professionals as well as students, and they were so welcoming I knew I wanted to become a part of this community.


“YPFP is a great way to get involved in the Brussels social scene. It’s not only about foreign policy…there are a lot of events and it’s a great way to meet different people.”


YPFP members can subscribe and listen to the podcast here.


The Brussels Beyond podcast is a project supported by the Brussels School of International Studies (BSIS), the University of Kent Student Union and the BSIS Graduate Student Union. The podcast is hosted by Allie Elwell and Marissa Diaz and is run entirely by a team of post-graduate students from the Brussels campus.


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