Executive Team

Aubrey Cox Ottenstein

Global Executive Director

Tyler L. Cundiff

Chief of Staff

Andre Ball

Senior Director, Finance

Colleen Moore

Senior Director, Programs

Executive Support Team

Thamar Harrigan

Youth Summits Director

Jay Heisler

Info Manager

Courtney Powell

Director of Special Events

Paul A. Sherman

Director of Global Coordination

Beau Wilcox

Deputy Finance Director

Susan Radov

Assistant to the Board of Directors

Merritt Ogle

Director of Development & Special Projects

Communications Team

Ben Goodrich

Director of Communications

Evelyn Heck

Newsletter Editor

Christina Kanmaz

Media Relations Specialist

Sarah Martin

Social Media Manager

Albert Fujii

Communications Officer

Bradley Freericks

Communications Officer

Events Team

Marc Larance

Deputy Director of Programs

Spandana Singh

Events Manager

Adam Tabaka

Events Manager

Scarlett Ho

Events Manager

Membership Team

Antoine Battle

Membership Co-Director

Benjamin Lutz

Membership Co-Director

Ryanna Miller

Membership Coordinator

Ana Mariel Campusano

Community Manager

Discussion Groups

Jennifer Perron

Director, Discussion Group Program

Alan Carroll

Co-Chair, Cybersecurity Discussion Group

Robert Thomas

Co-Chair, East Asia Discussion Group

Jonathan Meza

Chair, Europe & Eurasia Discussion Group


Michael Tint

Chair, Grand Strategy Discussion Group

Abigail Stahl

Co-Chair, Human Rights Discussion Group

Laura Mendoza

Chair, Spanish Language Discussion Group

Michael Adar

Chair, Arabic Language Discussion Group

Spandana Singh

Co-Chair, CyberSecurity Discussion Group

Tia Potskhverashvili

Co-Chair, Energy and Environment Discussion Group

Justin Margolis

Co-Chair, French Language Discussion Group

Headshot (1)

Julia O'Connor

Co-Chair, Gender in Foreign Policy Discussion Group

Lucy Pakhnyuk

Co-Chair, Human Rights Discussion Group

Tejeswara Reddy

Chair, International Development Discussion Group

Scott Weiner

Chair, Middle East Discussion Group

Emma Robinson

Chair, Chinese Language Discussion Group

Paige Young

Co-Chair, Defense Discussion Group

Diana Schoder

Co-Chair, Energy and Environment Discussion Group

Paul Cormarie

Co-Chair, French Language Discussion Group

Gabrielle Gould

Chair, Gender in Foreign Policy Discussion Group

Leo Lin

Co Chair, Information Warfare and Intelligence

Carlos Rodriguez

Chair, International Trade and Finance Discussion Group

Justin Marinelli

Chair, Nuclear Weapons Discussion Group

Sheridan Bahar

Sheridan Bahar

Chair, Combatting Terrorism Discussion Group

2017-08-14 10.29.46

Jacob Breach

Chair, Defense Discussion Group

Deniz Houston

Co-Chair, Europe & Eurasia Discussion Group

Liam Bamford

Chair, Information Warfare and Intelligence Discussion Group

Sarah Tralins

Chair, Latin America Discussion Group

Laura Amortegui

Co-Chair, Spanish Language Discussion Group

Stephana Henry

Co-Chair, Latin America Discussion Group

Charged Affairs

Shane Szarkowski


Michael Sexton

Managing Editor

Jeremy Fugleberg

Social Media Manager

Mariya Ilyas

Contributing Editor

Anup Rao

Senior Editor

Cynthia Kao

Senior Editor

Mercedes Yanora

Senior Editor

Fellowship Program

Sean McGuffin

Director and Managing Editor

Owen Daniels

Assistant Managing Editor

Nikolina Stoykova

Assistant Managing Editor

Danielle Preskitt

Assistant Managing Editor

Ryan Gardiner


Dan Haverty


Elliot Waldman


Meagan Dashcund