Graphics guru and comms mastermind Max Castro Antonio is a crucial part of the Communications and Marketing team here at YPFP Brussels. He continues to come up with compelling campaigns for our organisation – despite living in Maastricht and juggling studies and a job! 

Find out more about his role at YPFP, his background and why he wants you to contribute to our global journal Charged Affairs.

Where are you based? What is your day-to-day job?

I am currently based in the Netherlands, in the historic city of Maastricht. I am a full time student at the University of Amsterdam pursuing a master’s degree in corporate communications. Additionally, I work part time at a software company in Maastricht.

How long have you been based in Europe? What are the benefits of living here? What do you miss from home?

I have been permanently living in Europe since Summer 2016. Before that, I was jumping across the Atlantic a few times. I like living in Europe because of the wider opportunities to travel from country to country, get immersed in their cultures, customs and linguistic differences. I miss two things from Mexico though, as most Mexicans do: family and authentic Mexican food.

How long have you been a member of YPFP? 

I joined YPFP in Summer 2017.

What does your current role entail? 

I am in charge of coordinating the communication strategy and identifying potential writers for Charged Affairs, YPFP journal on international affairs. I also design visuals and logos for our signature events.

As a member of the communications team, what skills do you need to be able to market YPFP events and activities properly? Any tips?

A few useful skills include being organised, attentive to details, be able to express your ideas and be flexible to the changing circumstances.

You have had a lot of oversight in helping the Brussels’ branch of YPFP contribute to the Charged Affairs blog. Can you tell us a little more about it. 

Charged Affairs is our premiere journal for YPFP members to express their opinions on particular topics or issue arenas. It reaches more than 20,000 YPFP members across the globe, so it is a world platform for aspiring and established thought leaders to be heard at a global scale.

How can one get involved in the blog? 

Feel free to drop me a message or visit the Charged Affairs website at

One fun fact/ story about yourself.

I am Mexican and love Mexican food but I dislike guacamole. At the same time, I find myself very comfortable here in cold weather; the snowier it gets, the better. Ironic, isn’t it?

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