Former professional footballer turned policy wonk Lucas Lanziotti is, arguably, one of the nicest guys you'll have the pleasure of meeting in Brussels. His friendly, smiley charisma makes him the perfect leader for our Membership team, who are in charge of ensuring our lovely members are kept happy and content throughout the year. We sat down and chatted to Lucas about what made him leave Brazil for Europe, and what events his team have planned for the coming months. 

What do you do in Brussels? 

Consulting for a private company on European funded projects on International Trade and Economy. My current portfolio includes management of three different projects ranging from market access analysis in Colombia and Canada to an intellectual property support for European companies exporting to China.

What made you come over to Brussels?

First and foremost was the desire to be close to the political centre of Europe. After completing an MA in International Relations in Italy and experiencing an academic and professional experience in Wroclaw, Poland, the time came to set a career path aligned with my passion and values. It seemed natural that Brussels had more to offer in terms of opportunities and environment for growth.

To be honest, I strongly felt the fiercely competitiveness of the labour market but it helped me shape and improve faster than I would in any other city in Europe.

Do you miss Brazil?

Of course! I also miss Italy quite a lot (although much closer to visit). Brazil will always be my home country and there’s no other place in the world that expresses joy, playfulness, appreciation for life more than Brazil in my opinion. I miss most my friends and family who have always supported my decision to pursue a career abroad even when it meant maintaining a relationship over phone (when I left Brazil there was no WhatsApp or Skype). These people will always remain in my heart and whenever I go back, it feels like the time never passed. I’ll always miss Brazil!

You were quick to join the YPFP staff team: what inspired you to become a member of the team?

The fantastic group of people and sense of community that YPFP gave me. Someone recommended me to check out YPFP, saying: "These guys do quite a lot of things and you’ll probably like it”.

I attended all events in the upcoming two months, participated at discussions, made friends and gained a lot of knowledge. These might sound a bit cheesy but YPFP was the first group of friends in Brussels and I wanted to give back somehow. Joining the membership team was fantastic because it allowed me to build on my personal experience to create an even better experience for young professionals.

What responsibilities does the Membership team have?

As a member’s base organisation I’d say the membership team has a pivotal role in the success of the Brussels branch. Membership has 3 main responsibilities:

  1. Promote and advance the organisation. Attending events, fairs and representing YPFP vis-à-vis other institutions and organisations.
  2. Member’s service and satisfaction - respond to all enquiries from members regarding event registration, process of enrolment, gathering ideas and overall support.
  3. Social Events – To enhance member’s experience and enforce community values by bringing young professionals together in different settings such as cultural gathering (museums, cinema), Foreign Policy Pub Quiz.

Any exciting events planned for the coming months?

A summer pub quiz, more speed networking events, our new YPFP FilmClub, to name just a few.

The second edition of the Advisers Programme will soon open for applications, taking place in September this year. This initiative pairs Advisees (young professionals
starting their careers) with Advisers (more senior professionals in Brussles) who engage in a 3-month coaching mentorship program. Stay tuned!

What other benefits are there for being a member of YPFP, aside from the events we organise? (discounts etc)

We are currently working on expanding the benefits and bringing back magazine subscriptions, bookshop discounts, cultural partnerships and many more. Stay
tuned in our newsletter that a lot is going to happen in the next months. For the moment, YPFP members can benefit from a special promotion at World Class
Gym, after all, "mens sana in corpore sano".

Fun fact about yourself!

Other than foreign policy (of course), I’m a big fan of tech. I’m on a journey to learn computer programming (Python and HTML for now). If you have any books
to suggest, please drop me a line.

On a very different note, I can do the splits!