Welcome to 2019 and your latest YPFP Brussels Presents interviewee! We’re delighted to introduce Franziska Krueger, one of our Programmes Officers, who talks to us about how to organise a successful event, what news stories she’s interested in, and which object she always carries in her possession! 

What do you do in Brussels (what’s your day job?)

I worked in the field of the Eastern Partnership (relations between Ukraine and the EU) in the past few months.

What was your motivation for joining the YPFP staff team?

My motivation for joining was to organise events on topics I am interested in for young professionals in Brussels, such as International Development, EU Enlargement, and Human Rights, and to share my interest and knowledge in these topics with others. Last but not least, to work in and with a team of people from different cultural and academic backgrounds.

Which events have you helped organise so far?

So far I have organised the “YPFP Policy Picnic: Ukraine and its European Future” and the event on the “Rise of Illiberalism: Regional Identity and Geopolitcs in Central and Eastern Europe“. Furthermore, I co-organised the workshop on “Speech Writing: How to Captivate your Audience” with NATO speech writer Mark Morris. The event took place in the frame of the Tools of the Trade events.

How do you find the inspiration for your events? Are they difficult to plan? Any tips on how to create a successful event? 

I find inspiration for my events through reading the news and reading books. Moreover, I used to be part of a Model United Nations team, where I studies various topics a spart of preparation for conferences.

Events are usually not very difficult to plan. The planning process for every event is very different. I have organised events previously when I was part of a student organisation in my undergraduate studies. This experience helps me now. My tips: start the planning early enough, research the topic and potential speakers thoroughly. In addition to that, you should always have a plan B. To my mind, a good planning is the basis for a successful event. However, a good promotion campaign and having a knowledgeable, motivated, and interesting speakers are also an important component for a successful event.

What exciting plans does the programmes team have for the next few months? 

We will continue with our Ambassador Series. Currently, Lithuania and Romania are in the planning. Furthermore, we are in the process of organising events on lobbying, Brazil, children‘s rights, cryptocurrency, and the elections of the European Parliament 2019. A lot of different topics to look forward to!

Which news item/ topic are you currently interested in?

I am very interested in topics related to Central and Eastern Europe. This area has been a focus of mine during my undergraduate and graduate studies and still iscurrently in my professional life.  In particular, I am interested in topics related to EU enlargement, minority protection, processes of democratisation, upcoming elections in Ukraine, and energy security. Apart from this, I am interested in the elections of the European Parliament next year, and plus topics related to international development (health, education), and transitional justice.

One fun fact about yourself!

I always carry a book to read with me.

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