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Newly embraced technology is shaping and creating the world we all live in. Machine Learning, Data Governance and Fin-Tech will determine our future while raising ethical policy conundrums. Global issues like climate change, human rights, the supply chain and the labour force are and continue to be impacted by technology, which is now deeply intertwined with policy. But do we really understand it?

Let’s build the gap between technology and policy.

Tech experts and policymakers largely inhabit two separate worlds but that reality is soon coming to an end. To most people, terms like Fin-Tech, Machine Learning, Data Governance, The Internet of Things all sound like industry jargon. As young professionals, we will see the benefits and drawbacks, so it is essential that we get to grips with the concepts so that we can truly make a difference. Our Innovation & Technology Initiative will give you a foundation to embrace technology! The Initiative will host debates, discussions and training sessions to help aid you on your journey to embrace technology.

Interviews & Publications

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Innovation and Technology and the SDGs

Interview with Ivonne Lobos Alva, Lead Research Fellow on the SDGs at the Stockholm Environment (SEI) in Latin America, and Efraim Hernández, Research Assistant for work on the SDGs at SEI. This interview was conducted by Fiona De Cuyper for YPFP Brussels' I&T Initiative.
I&T Interview LinkedIn (1)

Technology and Gender

Interview with Diana de Vivo, Senior Stakeholder Engagement Executive Coordinator, NATO Communications and Information Agency on Technology and Digital Gender Divide. This interview was conducted by Cristiana Lavinia Badulescu, Co-Managing Director at YPFP Brussels.

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