Statement Against Anti-Asian Racism

Dear YPFP Community - 


Nearly one year ago, YPFP released a statement standing in solidarity with Black communities in the United States and around the world who have been affected by racism and violence. It is with a heavy heart that we, once again, must express our sadness and deep sympathies to the families and friends of eight people, mostly women of Asian descent, who lost their lives in a tragic and racially motivated attack in Atlanta, Georgia. We also extend our condolences to all who have been affected by racism against Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders, and all Asian ethnicities as we unequivocally condemn anti-Asian racism both within the YPFP community and around the world.

The prevalence of racial violence against Asian people in the United States is deeply troubling. We recognize that incidents of Anti-Asian violence, discrimination, and xenophobia have spiked in the past year, borne amid the COVID-19 pandemic and burgeoning political rivalry between the United States and China. However, we also recognize that, even amid fears and unprecedented times, this violence is the consequence of hateful rhetoric. It is the dangerous speech and vilification of Asian people of any and all ethnicities that leads to such tragedy. This behavior is senseless, dangerous, and has no place within YPFP.  

YPFP will soon publish an internal review of our own diversity and inclusion efforts, and we vow to use the findings of the report to improve upon how we serve and protect the wellbeing of all Asian people in our community. We must prioritize the safety and security of all in our community, and we understand that many Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders, and others of Asian descent are rightfully afraid. We hear you, and we pledge to support and defend you however we can. 

We understand that many are exhausted by the seemingly endless cycle of violence and racial injustice. We sympathize with that exhaustion, and also feel it is imperative that we continue to stand against injustice in all its forms, however it may appear. 


In solidarity,

Aubrey Cox Ottenstein, Executive Director

Merritt Ogle, Chief of Staff