Past Events

YPFP works diligently to put on fascinating events that appeal to young professionals working in foreign policy. We are thrilled to have a library of past events available for members to view. If you are not yet a member of YPFP, you can watch a sample of past events, or you can gain access to the full library by joining YPFP.

American Leadership in the 21st Century

The U.S. has long played a role in addressing the global challenges of the day, both leading the way and through multilateral engagement. At a time when the U.S. is withdrawing from its international partnerships, what is—or should be—its role in meeting global challenges such as the increasing threat of climate change, the rise of artificial intelligence, and the perpetual wild card of potential conflict with North Korea? To answer this question, Brookings and YPFP sits down for a fireside chat with the current president of the Brookings Institution, John R. Allen, moderated by the Chair of YPFP's Board of Directors Josh Marcuse.

The Art of the Iran Deal

With tensions on the Korean peninsula overshadowing much of U.S. security policy, the Iran deal and the importance of shaping policy towards aspirational nuclear powers must not be forgotten. Watch as YPFP engages JCPOA, its merits and flaws, and the current administrations approach to Iran's nuclear program.

The Emni and ISIS' Global Exportation of Terror

Despite the essential collapse of ISIS’s caliphate, its external operations branch the Emni allows it the opportunity to export terror to Europe. Join YPFP’s Terrorism & Asymmetric Warfare Fellow Jacqueline Sutherland for an in-depth discussion.