At YPFP Brussels we believe that building the next generation of leaders in foreign policy is key in adapting to an ever-changing world. We provide events with high-level speakers, we offer invaluable connections with reputable institutions and we nurture a community of highly qualified professionals around the world.



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Do you like to be well-informed about foreign policy in Europe? Stay up-to date on everything we’re preparing and publishing. 

Our Annual Report

Brussels hosts a large range of activities, workshops and gatherings. Check our Annual Report to read how our branch is performing.

Our Member of the Month

Each month, we recognise and share our members’ successes with the YPFP network in Europe and beyond. Could you be our next MoM? 
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YPFP Brussels became a member of YPFP's global branch in 2008. 12 years later, we boast 300 members, with a team of more than 25 volunteers organizing over 40 events per year, including high level panel debates, Ambassador's round-tables, professional development workshops and social events. 

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Innovation & Technology Initiative

Newly embraced technology is shaping and creating the world we all live in. But do we really understand it? Our I&T Initiative will give you a foundation to embrace technology!

YPFP's NATO Series

The NATO Series presents events on defence and security-related topics, connecting youth to the world's strongest military alliance.
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Gender Initiative 2020

2020 marked the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action of 1995. Join us as we celebrate through a series of events, interviews, and publications.


YPFP Brussels has an extensive history of hosting compelling events with Ambassadors from Canada, Australia, Qatar, Israel and Turkey. We have also partnered with NATO, the US Embassy to the EU, members of the European Parliament, industry leaders in defence capability development, SAAB and peace experts, the Quaker Council for European Affairs (QCEA) and the Benelux Union. To partner with YPFP Brussels send an email to brussels@ypfp.org.




ToT provides practical workshops on career skills for YPFP members that are led by professionals willing to share tips and advice in their realms of expertise. 

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This Series offers YPFP members the chance to meet with Ambassadors (of the EU and beyond) in a "fireside chat" setting to discuss their countries’ stances on foreign policy issues. 

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Security Talks is a discussion group that meets in an informal environment to discuss the newest developments in security and defence. Join us and meet like-minded people!

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Our team

Brussels is considered the de facto capital of the European Union, having a long history of hosting many EU institutions and International Organizations. Did you know that 46% of the population of Brussels is from outside Belgium? Brussels has a bubbling expat community and the YPFP Brussels is no different. Our staff members come from various place on earth. We invite you to get to know them.


Our Brussels' branch leadership consists of our Executive Director and our Managing Director who oversee four teams: Communications, Membership, Programmes and Security & Defence.

Adrian Garcia-Esteve

Adrian Garcia-Esteve

Managing Director


Adrian Garcia-Esteve | Managing Director

Adrian has been Managing Director of the Brussels - EU team since January 2020, and is responsible for leading on strategy development, coordination, and team management. Outside of YPFP, Adrian serves as CEO and Chairman of the Board of Res Terrae SRL, a cross-disciplinary consultancy specializing in strategy, social impact, and communications, and is a member of the Advisory Board of Think Film Impact Productions, supporting global advocacy campaigns that seek to create positive social impact through award-winning films, documentaries, and inclusive policy dialogues.

Cristiana Lavinia Badulescu, PhD

Cristiana Lavinia Badulescu, PhD

Deputy Managing Director


Deputy Managing Director

Cristiana became Deputy Managing Director in 2020, having previously held a leadership position within YPFP as part of the Security and Defence team. She holds a PhD in Political Sciences, a MA in International Conflict Analysis and Resolution and a BA in Law. Cristiana's expertise includes peace, conflict, justice and gender amassed through working experiences in research institutes, think-tanks, NGOs, non-profits and international organizations.


Interested in building your skills as a leader? Consider joining our volunteer staff team. Ready to find out more?Check out our current opportunities!

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