Let's Talk Race in the EU


Last year, the European Commission unveiled the EU Anti-Racism Action Plan, that has the potential to tackle unsettled issues on race. Let’s Talk About Race in the EU will give you the chance hear from MEPs, Commissioners, Civil Society, Diplomats and Industry Representatives, and truly assess whether or not the Action Plan will create sustainable, constructive changes for ethnic minorities across Europe.

You are invited to talk about race in the EU

The EU-Anti-Racism Action Plan has the potential to set ethical standards across industries and multilateral institutions, and influence foreign policy beyond the borders of the European Union.

Let’s Talk Race in the EU will shine a light on the core topics of the EU’s Anti-Racism Action Plan. You will assess for yourself whether it is too ambitious, or if the plan is not pushing the barriers far enough, whether the implementation will have a steady structure or a weak foundation and how it will affect Europe’s cultural identity.

Let’s Talk Race in the EU will empower you to have a frank and honest discussion on intersectional issues involving race in the EU. We will be hosting events, conducting interviews, and much more!

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YPFP Brussels is preparing many #LTRinEU events that will take place throughout the year.

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LTRinEU First Event - How Can the EU Become More Diverse and Inclusive?