Intellectual Independence Policy

Intellectual Independence Policy

YPFP is a nonpartisan organization that generates ideas and fosters debate on policy issues. Its staff, volunteers, fellows, contributing authors, and members represent a diverse community united by a common belief in YPFP’s mission of developing the next generation of leaders and building a cross-sector global community that advances innovative solutions to global challenges.

YPFP embodies a nonpartisan network of emerging leaders who:

  • energize foreign policy discussions by making diverse, cross-sector, emerging voices more informed and influential
  • promote innovation in international affairs by inspiring, training, and connecting the next generation of global leaders; and
  • believe that today's most pressing global challenges can most effectively be addressed by multinational solutions.

YPFP as an organization does not adopt or advocate positions on particular matters. Our publications always represent the views of the author or authors rather than those of YPFP.

YPFP’s staff, volunteers, fellows, and members are encouraged to offer their own views on current policy issues as YPFP experts, but without implying YPFP endorsement of those views.

YPFP accepts funds from a broad range of sources provided they are for purposes that are in keeping with its mission. These contributions may be payable on an annual basis, as a single or series of donations or over a period of time, or be given as in-kind goods or services. Acceptance of any contribution is at the discretion of YPFP, and YPFP retains intellectual independence and control over any content funded in whole or in part by donor contributions.

As a general policy, YPFP does not accept anonymous contributions. In appropriate circumstances, YPFP will make exceptions to this policy for individual donors. For example, some individuals have a policy of not disclosing their charitable giving.

YPFP publicly acknowledges all its donors who give $1000 or more on its website, and may do so in other contexts as well. YPFP does not sell, trade, or rent its donor and member lists, and does not share donor and member information with third parties. YPFP takes all reasonable and appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized use of its donor and member lists.