Emerging Voices, the blog of Young Professionals in Foreign Policy New York, is pleased to announce its partnership with Political Insights, a new media startup focused on delivering timely analysis of geopolitical news and events. Both organizations are committed to increasing NextGen scholarship and leadership in the foreign policy and international affairs arena. In pursuit of this vision, Emerging Voices and Political Insights will syndicate content, allowing each organization to achieve its goal of amplifying the voices of young professionals.


Political Insights and its international group of contributors will compliment Emerging Voices’ team of NYC-based authors – which includes students and young professionals across business, government, and civil society – to provide readers with global perspectives from the NextGen. Writers will engage with the expansive networks of both organizations, delivering knowledgeable commentary and analysis to a growing audience.


History shows that innovation often comes from young visionaries determined to address the challenges left by prior generations and confront the future with bold, innovative ideas. Together, Emerging Voices and Political Insights seek to provide opportunity for young professionals to address today’s most pressing geopolitical and foreign policy predicaments.


If you’re a YPFP NY member interested in contributing to the blog, read our submission guidelines and send us a pitch.


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