Defending Democracy Roundtable

defending democracy

Main takeaways

  • The lively group discussion on defending democracy, hosted by Microsoft and organized in collaboration with Young Professionals in Foreign Policy – Brussels on 21 March 2024, was a resounding success. In an era increasingly shaped by technology, the future of democracy confronts unprecedented challenges. With over half of the world’s population gearing up to vote in 2024, our conversation zeroed in on the critical issues of election interference and the protection of democratic processes.

    During the discussion, participants candidly shared their experiences with digital democracy and literacy. Surprisingly, it became evident that despite assumptions about our generation being tech-savvy, many of us still grapple with these matters. The looming threat of cyberattacks and the pervasive nature of attempts to disrupt elections underscored the urgency of our dialogue.

    Moreover, some participants showcased intriguing projects aimed at promoting digital literacy, shedding light on proactive efforts within our community.

    The conversation delved into diverse perspectives, with particular emphasis on the pivotal role young professionals play in countering the onslaught of online disinformation. Ethan Chumley, Director of Critical Institution Security for Microsoft’s Democracy Forward Initiative, provided invaluable insights into Microsoft’s initiatives in this critical realm, enriching our discussion with practical examples and strategies.

    Overall, the event served as a platform for meaningful exchange, highlighting both the challenges and the innovative solutions in safeguarding democracy in the digital age.

    Author: Lena Eisenreich, Director of Membership & Benefits.