Emerging National Security Threats Module

This 2020 Module will offer YPFP members an in-depth look at the evolving landscape of defense in the 21st century. YPFP seeks to educate young professionals in YPFP’s Washington, DC chapter on the expanding and emerging range of national security threats that nations around the world face. For each threat area we aim to highlight the role of technology, the ongoing policy debates, and any existing mitigation solutions. We also hope to use this Module as a way for our members to ideate potential solutions in these threat areas and to engage in constructive conversations with experts in these fields.

Join YPFP on Saturday, March 14th for a full day of workshops and seminars with a cohort of your peers to discuss, debate and learn about emerging national security threats from leading experts in their fields. The module will last from approximately 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Module Sessions

Session I – Cyber Warfare & Information Operations

Session II – Autonomous Weapon Systems

Session III – Resource Scarcity & Conflict

Session IV – Outer Space Defense Policy
Capstone – Crisis Simulation

Applications Close: February 14, 2020

Module Cost: $50.00 Members ($75.00 Non-members)

Please contact Ryan Young at ryan.young@ypfp.org with any questions

The Tools of the Trade Module Program

YPFP first launched its Tools of the Trade Module Program in 2013 in order to offer its members a more comprehensive professional development experience. Each Module has generally lasted five to eight weeks and has attracted between 20-30 participants from a range of professional backgrounds including government, think tanks, academia, the private sector, and non-governmental organizations. Each Module seeks to shape emerging leaders by exposing them to thought-provoking concepts, disruptive approaches, and innovative solutions via workshops, simulations, and strategic roundtable discussions with leading experts. In 2020, YPFP is aiming to relaunch its Tools of the Trade Module Program. This reformatted version of the Program will be held over a single weekend in order to offer a more immersive professional development experience, and to better align with our members interests and capacity.