Staff Writer, Charged Affairs

About Charged Affairs:

Charged Affairs is YPFP’s in-house foreign policy publication. The magazine’s team of editors and staff writers publish on a wide range of foreign and international policy subjects on a weekly basis, bringing the perspectives of early and mid-career professionals and academics to the broader foreign policy community. Charged Affairs is also a forum for publishing guest pieces by YPFP members in the United States and abroad, highlighting original analysis and global perspectives. Articles range from op-eds to interviews and book reviews.


Please visit the Charged Affairs website here.


Position Description:

The core of Charged Affairs’ publishing is the dedicated team of Staff Writers. As a Staff Writer, you would be expected to produce one article every three weeks on topics of your choice within the broader thematic scope of Charged Affairs. You’d work closely with editors to perfect your piece and to connect with opportunities for book reviews and interviews. Finally, you would be expected to support the social media promotion of Charged Affairs articles. Charged Affairs Staff Writers also enjoy occasional staff development and social opportunities as a team.  


Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Produce one article every three weeks on topics of interest to the Charged Affairs audience.
  • Work through the editorial process in a timely fashion and adhere to the publishing schedule.
  • Take initiative and interest in opportunities such as interviews and book reviews.
  • Promote Charged Affairs content.


Desired Skills and Experience:

  • Experience, interest, and passion in writing about the foreign affairs/policy topics
  • Strong background in international affairs
  • Excellent writing ability and a superb grasp of written English
  • Ability to meet deadlines and work with editors to adhere to a schedule
  • Openness to editorial input and a desire to improve your written work
  • Willingness to promote the work of your colleagues who will in turn promote your own work
  • Desire to grow professionally and personally as a writer and foreign policy expert
  • Detail oriented and prompt response to emails


Eligibility and Selection:

  • Ideally an early career foreign policy professional or current graduate student in a relevant field
  • The position is unpaid and part-time
  • If not already a dues-paying member, candidate must become a YPFP member upon acceptance of an offer
  • Preference for candidates residing in the Washington DC area


Application Process:

To apply, send the following materials as attachments to

  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • Writing sample of 2-3 pages (ideally op-ed and related to foreign policy)

Include “CA Staff Writer Application” in the subject line.