Emerging Voices, Staff Writer New York City

About YPFP:

YPFP is a nonpartisan network of over 20,000 emerging global leaders who energize foreign policy discussions by making diverse, cross-sector NextGen voices more informed and influential. We promote innovation in international affairs by inspiring, training, and connecting the next generation of global leaders. YPFP believes that today’s most pressing global challenges can most effectively be addressed by nonpartisan, multinational solutions.

Position Description:

A staff writer who is responsible for producing 1-2 articles a month for YPFP NY’s online publication, Emerging Voices, and works closely with the Editor-in-Chief of Emerging Voices. This position requires approximately 6-10 hours a week, and successful candidates will be able to make at least a one-year commitment to the role.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Carry out research on topics assigned to them.
  • Fact-check any data collected during the research process.
  • Develop well-researched articles and work with the Editor-in-Chief to develop and review.
  • Attend Communications Team, and All-Staff meetings.
  • Represent YPFP at events whenever possible.
  • Ability to work remotely and on a flexible schedule is important, as YPFP NY does not have a physical office.


  • Based in New York
  • Ideally 1-2 years of writing experience
  • A passion for global arrafirs is highly desirable.
  • Excellent time management skills, and ability to meet deadlines

Eligibility and Selection:

Please note that candidates must be dues-paying members of YPFP and located in the greater New York area. You are not required to be a YPFP member to apply but must confirm membership to be accepted to the position.

Probationary Period: 

This role includes a three-month probationary period, at which stage continued involvement with the position will be reviewed and continued involvement 

Application Process:

To apply, please send a cover letter and your resume to jace.gilmore@ypfp.org, with the subject and heading: EV Staff Writer.