Director, Membership & Benefits

About YPFP:


Young Professionals in Foreign Policy (YPFP) fosters the next generation of foreign policy leaders by providing its members with the knowledge, skills, exposure, and relationships to tackle critical global challenges over the course of their careers. YPFP Brussels is a dynamic, nonpartisan, nonprofit organisation, part of a network with more than 20 000 selected members around the world who work in all fields of international affairs. 


Job Title: Director, Membership & Benefits


Position Description: The Director of Membership & Benefits is responsible for coordinating and leading the Membership team, managing and supporting their Officers, and owning responsibility for internal communication as well as membership/community-oriented activities and deliverables. As a member of the YPFP Brussels Board of Directors, the Director of Membership & Benefits is required to work closely and proactively with their colleagues under the supervision and management of the Managing Director(s), to represent the Branch where necessary, and to engage with various partners and stakeholders both inside and outside of the YPFP/Globally network as required.


The Director reports directly to the Managing Director(s) and is expected to have an excellent understanding of organizational management and responsibilities, YPFP structures and processes and internal dynamics, including the Bylaws and Code of Conduct, and should be comfortable presenting branch activities and plans to a range of different audiences.

Roles and Responsibilities: 


  • Manage overall responsibility for Membership team output
  • Manage team volunteer staff members
  • Oversee all YPFP Brussels Membership events and developments 
  • Create a comprehensive strategy for Membership include all ongoing workstreams and initiatives, as well as indicating future planning, and maintaining the strategy as up to date as necessary
  • Manage Membership administration, including maintaining the membership rolls and applications, and provide support to the management of online databases
  • Provide proactive support in community management, responding to inquiries in coordination/consultation with leadership and the Communications team as necessary;
  • Proactively support in membership growth/recruitment activities, presenting team-led proposals or innovative ideas to expand the network and the base, as well as in coordination/consultation with other teams and Branch leadership
  • Support the Managing Director(s) in the onboarding of new members (orientation)
  • Liaise with other teams to ensure YPFP Brussels cross-team cooperation remains open and constructive
  • Liaise with Washington, DC, and other branches on intra-branch projects as required
  • Communicate innovative projects and consult regularly with the Managing Director(s)
  • Work with the YPFP Brussels Board of Directors and provide input on Branch-level decision-making
  • Attend all Board-level and all-staff meetings and communicate team activities actively
  • Lead all Membership team meetings
  • Look for new initiatives and present them to the YPFP Brussels Board 
  • Conduct team inductions


Eligibility and Requirements: 

  • Clear understanding of team management
  • Demonstrated interest in foreign policy
  • Be self-motivated, well organised and able to work efficiently and autonomously, as part of a small team and a larger organization
  • Required to commit to twelve months or more as a staff volunteer
  • Required to respond to e-mails daily [as soon as possible]; 
  • Excellent written and spoken English skills; 
  • Live in Brussels, Belgium, or commits to be present in person when required


This position requires a time commitment of 10 - 15 hours per week, and successful candidates will be able to make at least a one year commitment to the role.


Your application should include ideas or an outline to inform a Membership strategy indicating the priorities for the team in the coming year.


To apply, please send your application to Adrian Garcia-Esteve at and Cristiana Lavinia Badulescu at 


Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.