William Greenlaw,
Researcher, New York State Attorney General Barbara Underwood

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A graduate of Harvard University, William Greenlaw was born and raised in Indiana, once the essence of steel manufacturing, but now, another notch on the rust belt.  I have personally witnessed friends’ and family’s livelihoods being wiped away by automation, globalization, and macro-economic restructuring. As the son of a steelworking father ever wary of impending layoffs in his factory, much of what ails the global working class is not theoretical to me; it is real. I brings to the table an understanding of why average laborers feel drawn to populism in the face of declining wages and withering opportunity.


I now work as a politically appointed researcher for the State of New York. There, I use big data to investigate white collar crime, labor law violations, and civil rights abuses to help average New Yorkers get the justice they deserve.


The future of work will be data driven, so it requires not only someone with skin in the game, but also someone able to process and understand the trends hiding in large amounts of information being created every day. As a delegate, I pledge to work with all sides on solutions to come one step closer to bringing prosperity to struggling families.