Y20 Summit 2019 - Tokyo, Japan - May 2019

Meet the delegation for 2019 Y20 Summit.

Shahrukh Khan

Fulbright Scholar at the Fulbright Program

Vannary Kong

Business Development Representative, Granicus

The Y20 is a leadership summit that convenes young professionals from G20 countries to develop policy solutions to current global challenges.


This year’s Y20 Summit will take place from May 26-30, 2019 in Tokyo, Japan, and the official organizing entity is G7/G20 Youth Japan, a non-profit organization designated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan. Note, the U.S. Y20 delegation does not represent the U.S. federal government in any capacity.


The priorities of 2019 Y20 Tokyo focus on three areas:

International Trade

International trade is one of the key components of the world economy. It is evolving with increasing complexity and in part influenced by the current political climate. New technologies – in both physical and virtual infrastructure –are providing global products and services in a world where geographical borders matter much less than before. As young professionals, Y20 delegates will discuss the way international trade is changing and what shape it might take in the future.

Business and Environment

Global efforts to address environmental issues have produced tangible outcomes (the Paris Agreement, SDGs etc.), yet further international collaboration is required to take transformative actions to combat environmental issues including climate change and the increasingly recognized issue of marine plastic debris. Y20 delegates will discuss how governments and corporations are able to maintain their economic growth while moving towards a sustainable environment.

Future of Work

The labor force is changing dramatically due to various macro-level shifts including the digital economy, aging society, gender reforms and emerging technologies. Unless people are given the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to adapt to a changing work environment, many will face unemployment, which in turn may exacerbate inequality. Y20 delegates will discuss how our labor force should function in the future and how to prepare for inevitable shifts in the world economy.


If you are not familiar with the Y20, browse through the official Y20 Tokyo website.

Questions or concerns? Email youthsummits@ypfp.org.