Rising Experts Program Application

Rising Experts Program Description:

The Rising Experts Program at YPFP is designed to give young writers and foreign policy professionals a platform to develop their skills and present their ideas to a diverse global audience. Over a nearly year-long program, Rising Experts publish monthly op-eds, book reviews, or interviews with help and guidance from a dedicated editorial team. Outlets that have featured the program's work include Business Insider, The Hill, The National Interest, The Huffington Post, The Diplomatic Courier, Fair Observer, and YPFP’s own blogs.

For more details about the program, please visit the Rising Experts Program page or check out our FAQs.

To see our 2021 Rising Experts, please visit the Class of 2021 page.

Applications open for the 2023 Rising Experts Program will close at 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, November 30, 2022.


Position Description:

As a YPFP Rising Expert, you would join an elite team of early career professionals, graduate researchers, and academics in an eight-month program focused on developing and honing your subject matter expertise to better share your insights with policy audiences. Rising Experts choose a regional or thematic topic and submit one article, interview, or book review each month for editing. After a rigorous and collaborative editing process, our editorial team will help you produce, pitch, and publish quality analysis with national and international outlets to build your voice and credibility in your field.

Between fifteen and twenty candidates will be selected as Rising Experts. Successful applicants will demonstrate their academic and professional interest in their subject matter area through their resumes, cover letters, and writing samples.

Regional experts should be well-versed in the internal politics, international relations, and key players and policies of their selected regions. Candidates with a track record of engaging with the region will stand out.  Regional focus areas include:

  • Africa
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Eurasia & Eastern Europe
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • Middle East
  • South Asia

Experts in thematic areas should be well-versed in the major issues, actors, and policies impacting their selected focus. They will be able to write and discuss the topic in multiple international and regional contexts. Candidates with a track record of professionally engaging with such issues will stand out. Potential thematic focus areas include:

  • Counter-Terrorism
  • Cybersecurity and Technology
  • Economics & Trade
  • Environmental & Energy Politics
  • Gender in Foreign Policy
  • Geostrategy & Diplomacy
  • Global Health
  • Human Rights
  • International Development
  • Security & Defense

This position requires approximately 5 hours per week, and successful candidates will complete the full term.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Publish one 600-1200-word article per month within the broader field of your specialization. Articles are analytical in nature and can include op-eds, book reviews, or interviews, among others.
  • Adherence to publishing deadlines, as well as prompt and professional communication with YPFP staff.
  • Work collaboratively with other Rising Experts, when applicable, by giving each other substantive feedback and occasionally covering the same topic from different angles or co-authoring.
  • Serve as an in-house expert for YPFP on your subject matter, participate in events when applicable, and get involved with the broader YPFP community.

Desired Skills and Experience:

  • A strong background in international relations, international affairs, or foreign policy.
  • Demonstrated interest and experience in the subject matter of your chosen focus area.
  • Stellar writing skills and an interest in analyzing and commenting on developments and issues in your field. Flawless command of English is required. Knowledge of a language relevant to the region/theme you specialize in is an asset.
  • Ability to work independently and meet strict deadlines.
  • Motivation to build on experience gained in the program, both in terms of writing and professional networking.
  • Ability to think creatively about complex foreign policy ideas in order to generate interesting and unique article topics

Eligibility and Selection:

  • Positions are open to early career foreign policy professionals or current graduate students.
  • Positions are unpaid and part-time.
  • If not already a dues-paying member, candidates must become a YPFP member upon acceptance of an offer.

Application Materials:

A cover letter, resume, and writing sample no longer than three pages in the applicant's selected focus area.

Please see our FAQ page for additional details.

Applications are now open for the program year beginning in 2023.