Rising Experts

Class of 2021

Each year, Young Professionals in Foreign Policy (YPFP) welcomes a new class of Rising Experts, formerly known as Writing Fellows. Through a highly selective process, Rising Experts are selected for their knowledge and passion for their respective fields, as well as for their ability and desire to hone and share their analysis with a wider community of interest. Supported by an editorial team, they publish regularly at major online media outlets in their Rising Experts Program focus area and participate in professional development events. 

Bukie Olokun

Africa Expert

James Park

Asia-Pacific Expert

Catrina Doxsee

Counter-Terrorism Expert

Roberta Braga

Cyber Expert

Leah Farrar

Cyber Expert

Carey K. Mott

Economics Expert

Leah Garden

Environment Expert

Sarah Martin

Eurasia Expert

Nick Lokker

Europe Expert

Julia Canney

Gender in Foreign Policy Expert

Francis Shin

Geostrategy & Financial Diplomacy Expert

Danyale Kellogg

Global Health Expert

James Jennion

Human Rights Expert

Will O’Brien

International Development Expert

Amanda Suarez

Latin America Expert

Zeinab Fayad

Middle East Expert

Walker Mills

Military Expert

Anca Agachi

Security & Defense Expert

Keagan Ingersoll

Security & Defense Expert