Fellows (Class of 2019)

Each year, Young Professionals in Foreign Policy (YPFP) welcomes a new class of Fellows. Through a highly selective process, Fellows are selected for their expertise and passion for their field, as well as for their ability and desire to deepen their knowledge and share it with a wider community. Fellows publish regularly on the topic of their Fellowship in major online media outlets and participate in a range of professional development programs. 

Cole Baker

Security & Defense Fellow

Elizabeth Brandeberry

International Development Fellow

Stephen Delaney

Geostrategy & Diplomacy Fellow 

Sam Denney

Europe Fellow

Claire Downing

Human Rights Fellow

Cameron Evers

Africa Fellow

Rachel Furlow

Middle East Fellow

Michael Galant

Economics and Trade Fellow

Naima Green

Asia Pacific Fellow

Ashley Johnson

Environment and Energy Fellow

Nate Kerkhoff

Asia Pacific Fellow

Thomas Krasnican

Service Member/National Security Fellow

Wanida Lewis

Gender in Foreign Policy Fellow

Ishan Mehta

Cybersecurity and Technology Fellow

Nandita Palrecha

South Asia Fellow

Sofia Ramirez

Latin America Fellow

James Reston

Eastern Europe/Eurasia Fellow