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It can be difficult for young professionals to demonstrate their expertise in foreign policy. The Rising Experts Program gives emerging and under-represented voices the opportunity to hone their writing and showcase their unique analysis.

The Rising Experts Program is a roughly year-long writing initiative designed to help young professionals enhance their writing skills, publish articles, and build a portfolio of work.

By working collaboratively with a team of editors, this initiative provides young professionals with the editorial support needed to craft compelling analysis and op-ed writing. Through YPFP's network, Rising Experts have the opportunity to publish with several different outlets.

Rising Experts Program Application

Applications for the 2025 Rising Expert Program will open in the fall.

Welcome Rising Experts 2024-2025
Meet Our Class of 2024 Rising Experts

Each year, Young Professionals in Foreign Policy (YPFP) welcomes a new class of Rising Experts. Through a highly selective process, Rising Experts are selected for their expertise and passion for their field, as well as for their ability and desire to deepen their knowledge and share it with a wider community.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions about the Rising Expert Program and the application process. If there are any additional questions not listed, please reach out to the Rising Expert Program email account for more details. 

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Join Our Editorial Team

The Rising Expert Program's editors are volunteers who help sharpen the writing of Rising Experts. In turn, editors gain experience working as part of an editorial team and honing their skills. Click the link below if you're interested in learning more about being an editor.

Becoming a Rising Expert

Candidates to the Rising Experts Program undergo a rigorous application process including writing evaluations and interviews. Candidates are typically young professionals seeking the opportunity to sharpen their analytical writing and publish op-ed and analysis pieces under their own names. Experts come from a range of professional focus areas, backgrounds, and experiences, and work in a variety of sectors. Given the writing-intensive nature of the program, candidates must demonstrate strong technical and substantive writing ability in their particular area of expertise and be willing to receive feedback and work collaboratively with editors. Most candidates possess a degree in and/or strong experience in their professional field.

The Rising Expert Program opens for several weeks in the fall, and candidates are selected and begin writing early the following year. Rising Expert positions are highly competitive.

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Miriam Roday is the Director of the Rising Experts Program and the 2023-2024 Publications Fellow at YPFP. She has worked for three years in the Rising Experts Program to help young professionals develop their writing and analytical skills. You can find her profile here.