Submission Guidelines

Managing Editor of Emerging Voices

Emerging Voices serves as a platform for YPFP’s New York members, providing an opportunity to contribute foreign policy analysis and help shape the organization’s outlook.

We welcome submissions from YPFP NY members on a rolling basis and invite you to pitch an article. A few things to keep in mind before you send us your work:

The Pitch

Prior to submitting a full draft, pitch us your idea. Pitches should be concise – no more than 150 words – and include the topic and argument of the article. Tell us what is unique about your perspective and what makes you qualified to write on the topic. If your pitch is accepted you will be notified by the Editor-in-Chief and provided a timeline for submission of your full article. Pitches should be sent to Lauren McCranie, Editor-in-Chief:

We publish content in a number of formats and welcome submissions of articles, op-eds, and book reviews. If you have an idea, pitch it to us… we’d love to hear from you!

Submitting an Article

Before you submit your article draft, consider the following:

Audience – write for a general audience without assuming knowledge or using jargon. We want pieces to engage experts, emerging professionals, and the general public alike.

Relevance – all submissions should address a specific foreign policy event and/or issue, and we ask that you include a news lede that captures reader’s attention.

Length – we accept submissions between 750 and 1,000 words.

Outlook – we welcome and encourage opinions; however, all arguments must be grounded in research, facts and/or data, and include proper citations. All citations should be made through in-text hyperlinks.

Photos – any photos included in your submission must be properly credited, licensed for our use (open sourced or creative commons), or taken personally.

Tell Us About Yourself – provide us with a one or two sentence bio that can be used with your article and include your relevant social media handles.  Additionally, tell us how you are qualified to write on the topic of your submission.

Submissions that do not adhere to guidelines will be rejected. YPFP NY reserves the right to reject work that is libelous, intentionally offensive, or inflammatory. Articles must be your original, unpublished work. YPFP NY holds final judgment over material published on its channels.

Please direct any submissions or questions to Lauren McCranie, Editor-in-Chief: