Emerging Voices

Foreign policy perspectives from the next generation.

Emerging Voices serves as a platform for YPFP's New York members, providing an opportunity to contribute foreign policy analysis and help shape the organization’s outlook. We welcome submissions from YPFP NY members and invite you to pitch an article. For submission guidelines click here.

The U.S. and the ICC or How to Reform Global Institutions Without Dismantling Them

By Katie Dobosz Kenney This article was originally posted in Political Insights. The International Criminal Court came under fire this week as the United States sought to rebuke ICC investigations into itself and its allies, i.e. Israel and Guatemala. Katie Dobosz-Kenney examines the detrimental impact that undermining a judicial body such as the ICC can have on…
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End of Summer Reading List

The end of summer is always bittersweet. To help smooth the transition back to the real world, the YPFP New York staff presents 10 recommendations for books, podcasts, and articles. Enjoy! Books Bring Out the Dog by Will Mackin, a collection of short stories by a Navy veteran that capture the psychological weirdness of military life…
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YPFP selects Delegates to Represent United States at Y20 Meeting

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                   Christina Connelly-Kanmaz 8/1/18       …
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Macron: Savior of Europe?

By Melissa Trimble The recent volatility in world markets and politics, which can mostly be attributed to the United States’ trade wars among other emerging globalization trends, has rendered the so-called global order more unstable than in recent years. As media outlets attempt to follow the main, and increasingly fickle, dialogue, they fail to see…
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The More Politics Change in Zimbabwe, the More They Stay the Same

By Bart Connolly The July 30 elections had the potential to mark a pivotal change in Zimbabwe’s trajectory. While there were some surprises around the election in Harare, it seems the new Zimbabwe is much like the old.   Leading up to the polls Emmerson Mnangagwa, the interim president finishing the term of ousted leader…
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Digging Up Diplomacy: The Salwa Canal and the Saudi-Qatar Stalemate

This article was originally posted in Political Insights. BY SOPHIE OLVER-ELLIS   With the Saudi led blockade against Qatar entering its second year, the socio-political and economic stalemate looks set to become more complex. Dr. Sophie Olver-Ellis reflects on the effect of the construction of the Salwa Canal on Qatar and Saudi Arabia.   With the…
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