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Emerging Voices

Foreign policy perspectives from the next generation.

Emerging Voices is a foreign policy blog written by YPFP New York members. It provides an opportunity for members to contribute analysis and help shape the organization’s outlook. We welcome submissions from YPFP NY members and invite you to pitch an article. For submission guidelines click here.

The Gendered Impact of COVID-19: What Policymakers Can Learn from Gender and Conflict

By Bethan Saunders and Courtney Bale Dunlevie During this global public health crisis, leaders have used conflict-based language to describe the COVID-19 pandemic. From President Trump’s declaration of becoming a “wartime president” to Xi Jinping’s “people’s war,” they have cast the coronavirus as a metaphorical foe to be vanquished. Rhetorical flourishes aside, this public health…
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Against All Odds: Botswana’s Development Wonder

By Timothy Motte Noted by Paul Collier in his seminal work, The Bottom Billion, being landlocked, having bad neighbors, and suffering from a poorly educated population are just some of the obstacles countries face as they develop, and Botswana faces all three. Not only is the country bordered by Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa, and Namibia,…
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Delegates of Y7 Summit Call on G7 Leaders for Coordinated COVID-19 Response

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MEDIA CONTACT MARCH 30, 2020 Christina Kanmaz Washington, DC – The delegates of the 2020 Y7 Summit, the youth summit which accompanies the G7 Summit, have released their first policy statement calling on the leaders of the G7 countries for a stronger, more coordinated response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The statement,…
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Opening the Window: Reversing Restrictions on Landmines Signals Possible Resurgence in Old Warfare Tool

By Daniel E. White What was once a last millennium weapon has reemerged in the American arsenal. It is not flamethrowers expelling soldiers from the trenches of World War One, nor is it the wanton destruction brought on by Agent Orange during the conflict in Vietnam, it is the weapon that indiscriminately maims children and soldiers alike—landmines. Today, President Trump…
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Sub-Saharan Africa: How A Nation’s Heritage Remains Overseas

By Clara Cassan By the end of the 1800s, France controlled the second-largest colonial empire in Sub-Saharan Africa. During this time, the French extracted, most often through theft, African artifacts to add to French art collections and museums for “preservation purposes.” France ultimately believed these objects would be “safer” out of African hands. Although these past colonies have progressively reclaimed…
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Iran and the Israeli Border: Iran’s Influence in Recent Rocket Attacks from Gaza

By Moshe Klein Shortly after an Israeli airstrike killed Abu al-Ata, a senior commander of a Gaza militant group, on Tuesday, Nov. 12, rockets began firing from Gaza into Israel. Although Israel is no stranger to rocket attacks, the most recent barrage was different because unlike previous shellings, it was not Hamas. Instead, it was the organization’s smaller, Iranian-backed, regional companion the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Raining…
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