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Foreign policy perspectives from the next generation.

Emerging Voices is a foreign policy blog written by YPFP New York members. It provides an opportunity for members to contribute analysis and help shape the organization’s outlook. We welcome submissions from YPFP NY members and invite you to pitch an article. For submission guidelines click here.

Educating for the Future: Case studies from Finland and South Korea

By Jennifer Zhang The only thing that’s certain about the future is its uncertainty. This adage holds doubly true for the world’s job markets. According to McKinsey, less than five percent of existing occupations can be wholly automated using current technology. Although as much as a third of constituent activities in 60 percent of trades could…
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China and the Islamic World: How Expanding Interests May Lead to Militarism in the MENA Region

By Ralston Hough China famously enjoyed nearly 500 years of peace between 1400 and 1894 A.D. Except for a few internal conflicts and a handful of peacekeeping expeditions, China abstained from engaging in military adventurism. Now, more than a century later, rapid industrial development has replaced an introverted agricultural society, and China’s role continues to grow…
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Learning from Climate Strikers: How to Increase Popular Engagement in International Relations

By Jennifer Zhang The foreign policy community puts out thousands of reports and position papers each year. Yet, these publications often receive little attention outside of diplomatic circles and vanish into a vortex of briefings and communiqués whose recommendations are rarely carried out.  Reasons for low engagement This lack of interest can potentially be traced to the steep…
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Taking a Look at the Financials: How to Solve the Humanitarian Situation in Yemen

By Pierrepont Johnson Mark Lowcock, the humanitarian affairs and emergency relief coordinator for the United Nations, is tired of sounding like a broken record during his monthly Security Council briefings. Every month, I update the Security Council on the humanitarian situation in Yemen. Today marks my fifteenth briefing and the thirty-sixth you will have heard since…
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TAM and Uncle Sam: How U.S. Immigration Policy Has Enabled MLS Transfers

By Christian Araos Though they are not the first to come to mind, athletes are skilled laborers anytime immigration is discussed. When it comes to pitchers, point guards or programmers, the United States thinks of them all in the same way, as a way to ply your trade. This has always been the case—except for…
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The Rise of Populism: Germany’s Far-Right AfD and the EU Elections

By Kaitlin Drape When the EU Parliamentary elections took place on May 23, they took place in a different environment than those of the previous elections. With the growth of populist rhetoric and far-right-wing parties across Europe, the election served as a sign of things to come. Right-wing parties in Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Finland,…
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