Emerging Voices

Foreign policy perspectives from the next generation.

Emerging Voices is a foreign policy blog written by YPFP New York members. It provides an opportunity for members to contribute analysis and help shape the organization’s outlook. We welcome submissions from YPFP NY members and invite you to pitch an article. For submission guidelines click here.

Get Back to Class: How Promoting International Exchange Can Restore America’s Reputation Abroad

By Marta Millar In March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic brought global travel to a halt, including almost all educational exchange programs. While the Trump administration implemented policies like visa restrictions and travel bans, which further reduced the incoming flow of international scholars to the United States, other countries, like Germany, Canada, and Australia, emphasized their…
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The Rise of Cyber Sovereignty: Russia, China, and the Future of Internet Governance

By Molly Henry With the Internet being the world’s key platform for communication and social organization, existing conflicts between democratic and authoritarian governments now extend to questions of internet governance and users’ rights. The Biden administration’s foreign policy is expected to address the defense of human rights and free speech in cyberspace, with a “Summit…
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Response to U.S. Capitol Building Riots

To the YPFP Community –   We had hoped to begin the new year by sending well wishes to our members around the world tonight, hopeful you had a restful and healthy holiday season. Instead, once again, we are saddened by the circumstances under which we feel the need to write to you, condemning  the horrific…
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The Entire World is Watching: The U.S. as a Study in Democratic Norms

By Colin Wolfgang The United States has long been a bastion of democracy, with smooth transitions of power and an adequately representative voting system. For centuries we have cast our ballots, believing that we are the ones who decide our mayors, our congresspeople, our senators, and our commander in chief. This latest election has put…
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Taking Another Look: Revising Our Perspective on Turkish Revisionism

By Benjamin P. Beames Turkey’s President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and his Justice and Development Party (AKP) affect the nation’s foreign policy by offering a selective account of the nation’s history. By reviving a consciousness of empire, the Turkish government is effectively masking their foreign policies behind a veneer of revisionism. During the past decade, under…
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Firefighter or Arsonist: How to Harness the Abraham Accords to Reduce Israeli-Palestinians Tensions

By Adam Basciano Anyone attending a lecture on the Middle East will likely hear about the rockets, instability, civil wars, and proxy conflicts taking place in the area. It is a tough neighborhood, as the saying goes. While this framing has certainly rung true in recent decades, it also obscures the region’s history and development…
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