Emerging as a Global Leader Experience (EaGLE) Workshop

The Emerging as a Global Leader Experience (EaGLE) workshop is a brief, intense, virtual leadership development opportunity designed to empower veterans and civilians to achieve their full leadership potential and impact. It is open to all, but intended for young professionals pursuing a career in national security, foreign policy, diplomacy, development, intelligence, or international affairs.

Based on a dynamic curriculum from the McChrystal Group, incorporating the Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment, and sponsored by the MASY Group, the EaGLE Workshop will offer a small number of select participants an opportunity to achieve a career turning point. EaGLE fosters leadership development by offering an introspective experience that enhances self awareness while incorporating training strategies that amplify impact. After this workshop, participants will understand how to build their career plan to best leverage their unique strengths and values, while offering access to a network of mission-oriented professionals and exceptional mentors.



The EaGLE Initiative was made possible through our generous supporters.