Ambassador Series with Daniela Morari

Main takeaways:

  • Moldova is facing serious challenges with regard to the current crises, including the energy crisis, Russia’s war in Ukraine and increasing cost of living
  • At the same time, Moldova and the Mission of Moldova to the EU are working hard on fulfilling the candidacy criteria to become a Member of the EU in the near future
  • Effective collaboration and cooperation between countries is more important than ever, as the effects of the current war in Ukraine and the energy crisis show

On November 2, 2022, YPFP hosted an Ambassador Series event, together with the Mission of the Republic of Moldova to the European Union and the Head of the Mission, Ambassador Daniela Morari. The event was moderated by Programmes Officer Linn Sommerhoff.

The brief presentation of Ambassador Morari made it clear what challenges Moldova is facing at the moment, be it the impact of Russia’s war in Ukraine and, coupled with this, the complex energy crisis with devastating effects, Moldova’s candidacy to become a member of the EU or the political situation in the Transnistria region. Ambassador Morari explained that surviving this winter is a key priority for Moldova as the country is heavily affected by the gas prices, which are 6 times higher, that are for a lot of families in the country not affordable. How well this crisis will be handled over the winter also impacts the possibility of meeting the requirements for the EU Membership, according to Morari. The team of the Embassy is working intensively to meet the steps of the candidacy, e.g. the rule of law, fighting corruption, making sure the country has the capacities for civil society. The volatile security situation requires tools and institutions to deal with, which the country tries to develop under the European Peace Facility (EPF). 

Concluding, the Q&A session mainly discussed in more detail how Moldova can deal with the energy crisis and what support Moldova can receive from EU Member States. Here, Ambassador Morari also explained how the current situation with Russia in the Transnistria region impacts the EU-Moldova relations. Lastly, the discussion evolved around the European Political Committee which will be held in Moldova next and what risks the rising protests from civil society in Moldova constitute. 

Written by Linn Sommerhoff, Programmes Officer, YPFP Brussels