Katie Low, Managing Director of YPFP Brussels


Katie oversees internal staff management and works alongside the Executive Director in the long-term planning and strategic development of the branch. She previously served as Social Media Officer and as Deputy Director of Communications and Marketing for YPFP Brussels.

Katie is from the UK and spent nine years studying Classics at the University of Oxford (with a year at the Ecole normale supérieure in Paris as an exchange student), emerging in 2013 with a doctorate on the work of the Roman historian Tacitus. She has published academic articles on Roman history and historiography and, while her interests now extend to contemporary politics, foreign policy and communications, also writes fairly regularly about potential parallels between the ancient past and the present day.

She came to Brussels in early 2015, initially to work at the European Economic and Social Committee, one of the EU's component institutions, and is currently a press officer at the European Commission. Outside work, she enjoys making the most of Brussels' many transport links to the rest of Europe, and back in the UK created and ran a successful restaurant blog for three years.