Georgiana Dragomir, Executive Director of YPFP Brussels


Georgiana Dragomir is the Executive Director of YPFP Brussels. She leads the long-term planning and strategic development of the branch while overseeing and coordinating with the Programmes, Security and Defence, Membership and Communication teams. In addition, Georgiana represents the branch within the wider Brussels community.

Young professional building her career in international organizations in Brussels, Georgiana is a strong supporter of multiculturalism, lifelong learning and of YFPF's mission to inform and strengthen the voices of young professionals across the globe. Native Romanian, she speaks English, French, Portuguese and is currently learning Arabic, proving her strong desire for lifelong learning.

Georgiana holds an MA in International Relations and an MA in Security and Defence, being an alumna of the Paris 3 Sorbonne University and the Sciences Po Strasbourg Institute.