YPFP Fellowship Cohort

Elizabeth Spencer

Chief of Staff

Noni Abdur-Razzaq

Operations and Finance 

Owen Daniels


Jessie Moore

Programs and Events

Christina Alvarez


Nigel Vinson

Global Coordination

Washington, DC Team

Phillip Davis

Deputy Director, Global Operations

Evelyn Heck

Editor, Newsletter

Courtney Powell

Director, Special Events

Tia Potskhverashvili

Director, Discussion Groups

Jeffrey Nahm

Deputy Director, Programs

Brussels Team

Marija Sulce

Managing Director, Brussels

Petra Grech

Director of Programmes, Brussels

Matteo Tomasina

Director of Security & Defence, Brussels

Laura Ponikelska

Director of Communications & Marketing, Brussels

Lena Eisenreich

Director of Membership & Benefits, Brussels

London Team

Annabelle Saba

Managing Director, London

Vacancy - currently recruiting

Director of Programming, London

Livia Godaert

Director of Communications, London

New York Team

Sepideh Behzadpour

Managing Director, New York

Deysi Flores

Programming Director, New York

Lauren McCranie

Editor In Chief, Emerging Voices, New York

VACANCY: Currently recruiting

Communication and Marketing Director. Click here to learn more & apply. 

VACANCY: Currently recruiting

Membership and Partnerships Director. Click here to learn more & apply. 

Toronto Team

Angie Khayan Rojas

Managing Director, Toronto

Jeff Dexter

Deputy Managing Director, Toronto

Reena Manjania

Director of Events and Partnerships, Toronto

Xinhua (Tina) Yang

Director of Communications and Marketing, Toronto

Surriya Z Khan

Membership Coordinator, Toronto

San Francisco Team

Timothy McGuire

Managing Director, San Francisco

Tokyo Team

Lauren Power

Managing Director, YPFP Tokyo Branch

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