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Archive for March 2020

Delegates of Y7 Summit Call on G7 Leaders for Coordinated COVID-19 Response

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MEDIA CONTACT MARCH 30, 2020 Christina Kanmaz Washington, DC – The delegates of the 2020 Y7 Summit, the youth summit which accompanies the G7 Summit, have released their first policy statement calling on the leaders of the G7 countries for a stronger, more coordinated response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The statement,…

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Opening the Window: Reversing Restrictions on Landmines Signals Possible Resurgence in Old Warfare Tool

By Daniel E. White What was once a last millennium weapon has reemerged in the American arsenal. It is not flamethrowers expelling soldiers from the trenches of World War One, nor is it the wanton destruction brought on by Agent Orange during the conflict in Vietnam, it is the weapon that indiscriminately maims children and soldiers alike—landmines. Today, President Trump…

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Notes from the Field: Why intractable conflicts are so hard to mediate

Notes from the field: Why intractable conflicts are so hard to mediate By: Cristiana Lavinia Badulescu, PhD – Managing Director, YPFP Brussels On March 4, 2020 I had the pleasure to moderate an event organized by Young Professionals in Foreign Policy Brussels on ‘International Mediation in Intractable Conflicts: Breaking an Impasse’ with mediatEUr’s Senior Executive…

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Sub-Saharan Africa: How A Nation’s Heritage Remains Overseas

By Clara Cassan By the end of the 1800s, France controlled the second-largest colonial empire in Sub-Saharan Africa. During this time, the French extracted, most often through theft, African artifacts to add to French art collections and museums for “preservation purposes.” France ultimately believed these objects would be “safer” out of African hands. Although these past colonies have progressively reclaimed…

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