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Towards a New Model: A Potential Solution to Refugee Integration and Empowerment

By Alexandra McLeod The first 100 days following a corporate merger determines whether the deal will be successful or whether it will fail. In light of this, leaders invest vast amounts of resources, time, and effort into the transition. But, when it comes to refugees integrating into American society, we lose that perspective. Resettlement agencies focus on finding refugees employment within…

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YPFP DC Staff List

YPFP DC Staff Executive Team Kolby Keo Interim President As YPFP’s President, Kolby leads a team of over 100 volunteers and oversees day-to-day operations of the global nonprofit. He has been a YPFP member and volunteer since 2016, previously serving as Head of Programs and Senior Vice President. Kolby is currently a Senior Associate at…

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YPFP Brussels Presents: Lucas Lanziotti, Director of Membership

Former professional footballer turned policy wonk Lucas Lanziotti is, arguably, one of the nicest guys you’ll have the pleasure of meeting in Brussels. His friendly, smiley charisma makes him the perfect leader for our Membership team, who are in charge of ensuring our lovely members are kept happy and content throughout the year. We sat…

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