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Archive for November 2018

The Qatari Peninsula Sets Sail Under Blockade

In the past year, Qatar has faced many challenges as a result of the Gulf embargo. Marika Annunziata explains how the country has overcome the hurdles of the blockades. This post was originally published in Political Insights. BY: MARIKA ANNUNZIATA More than a year after the ban was imposed by the Gulf Cooperation Council, without…

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From Iron Curtain to the Iran Veil: The Trump Administration’s Misguided Iran Strategy

By Michael Memari In a recent op-ed with Foreign Affairs, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo clarified the Trump Administration’s multifaceted strategy for ‘confronting Iran,’ which includes applying economic pressure, bolstering deterrence, exercising moral clarity, and exposing the government’s political malfeasance. However, an interesting revelation can be found in the author’s repeated attempts to compare U.S.-Iran tensions to America’s…

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