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Archive for October 2018

Yemen’s Crisis: A Preventable Famine Or A Political End?

By Mira Sawiris This article was originally posted in Political Insights. The current rhetoric surrounding famines in places like Yemen is rather dated, relegating the solution to food aids and donation. Mira Sawiris examines the crisis in Yemen, where the famine may be preventable, not by aid but rather by political intent. The common sense assumption is…

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A New Trade Strategy for Japan

By Matthew Edwin Carpenter “China’s ripping us off. Japan’s ripping us off. Mexico’s ripping us off. Canada’s ripping us off. The whole world is ripping us off. There’s nobody that’s not ripping us off.” — President Donald J. Trump, at a 2018 campaign fundraiser. In face of the escalating trade war between the United States and China, Japan…

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America: Living Out Trump’s Reality

By Colin Wolfgang “In less than two years, my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country.” So began President Trump’s address to the United Nations on September 25, which was understandably met with muffled laughter from the world leaders and diplomats in the audience. Overall, the president’s address…

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Genocide: A Case for Dropping Labels and Valuing Action

The recent move by the UN to call human rights violations in Myanmar genocide may promote awareness amongst the international community, but it’s not what we call it that should matter. The important thing is how the international community responds. On Monday, August 27 the UN Human Rights Council issued a report on the killing…

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