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Archive for July 2018

Japan: The Sleeping, Shrinking Dragon

By Matthew Edwin Carpenter   In the face of shifting domestic culture, a shrinking population, and an untested alliance with the United States, Japan is increasingly taking its security into its own hands.   East Asia’s security environment is in flux. The rise of China and the apparent retreat of American leadership are destabilizing the…

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YPFP Brussels Presents: Tom Van Rooy, Director of Programmes

YPFP Brussels’ Communications and Marketing team is pleased to introduce our latest initiative, YPFP Brussels Presents, which showcases the array of talent our organisation has working behind the scenes to make our organisation a success. Each interview will focus on one staff member revealing what they do for YPFP, what brings them to Brussels and…

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The US, Europe, and the Erosion of Liberal Democracy

By Colin Wolfgang   In an impromptu press conference held following the NATO summit, President Trump announced that NATO members had agreed to an increase in defense spending, up to 4 percent of GDP. Over the next several hours, NATO aides told reporters that this was false before French President Macron said on the record at…

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YPFP Member of the Month – July 2018: Kenneth Lasoen

YPFP is thrilled to present Kenneth Lasoen as the newest Member of the Month for July! A leading expert in the field of security, Kenneth recently joined the EU political scene as Adviser on National Security with Belgium’s Flemish social democrats (sp.a). He is also involved in academia currently pursuing a PhD in History at Ghent University on…

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The Supremacy of the Strait

By James Lewis   Efforts to mitigate the importance of the world’s most important seaway have floundered, and it continues to be a serious military concern. However, it is unlikely to spark a conflict itself.   Separating the island of Sumatra and the Asian mainland is a narrow stretch of ocean so shallow in parts…

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Time Is Running Out For Venezuela

By Claudia A. Gonzalez Nicolas Maduro’s re-election as Venezuela’s President brings with it a bleak outlook for the country but with it comes the opportunity for the international community to take action. Claudia A. Gonzalez explains how.   A little over a month has gone by since Nicolas Maduro granted himself a new victory in Venezuela,…

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