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Archive for March 2018

Friends in High Places: Chinese Diplomacy Succeeds in Nepal

By James Lewis   Nepal, historically aligned with India, has recently shifted its focus to its northern neighbor, China. This diplomatic shift sits at the forefront of the Sino-Indian rivalry and may provide a template for greater Chinese influence in the region.   In autumn of 2016, the dusty streets of Kathmandu begrudgingly welcomed then Indian President…

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An Appeal to the Heart, Not Economic Principles

By Philip D. Caldwell   The announcement by the Trump administration to impose a 25 percent tariff on steel imports and 10 percent on aluminum imports has prompted some operators to bring their smelters and foundries back online. Though some factories are reignited, the move will not rescue communities leveled by globalization. Instead of fixing…

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Honor and Sacrifice: The Cultural Context of Afghan Suicide Bombers

By Andrew McIndoe   As suicide bombings by Taliban and Islamic State fighters in Afghanistan continue relentlessly, a new book suggests that analyzing the synthesis of Pashtun tradition and Islamic ideas of martyrdom can help us understand such attacks.   Suicide bombing has come to occupy a central, if controversial, position in the landscape of…

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YPFP featured in brand new Brussels podcast

YPFP has been mentioned in a brand new podcast run by students from the Brussels School of International Studies (BSIS).   Beyond Brussels, a free web-based podcast focusing on current affairs, features insightful discussions and debates on the world’s hottest topics. Interviews and debates on serious topics are mixed with interesting initiatives and events across…

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