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Archive for January 2018

The Blogs of War

By James Lewis   Social media has forever changed the nature of coup d’états.   Coup d’états remain a remarkably common form of government change. To succeed, planners must follow a careful timeline in which they simultaneously seize the controls of government power along with the nation’s communication network. Since the advent of modern mass media, this…

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America the Revisionist

By Liza Kane-Hartnett   One year into the Trump presidency and America is in retreat. Through an unparalleled abdication of global leadership, the U.S. is consistently distancing itself from allies and weakening its position in the international community.   The list of President Trump’s revisionist foreign policy decisions is long and growing: exiting the Trans-Pacific Partnership; leaving…

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Tackling the Dichotomy of Foreign Policy Vision and Implementation

By Irina Tsukerman   How do we explain that a particular presidential doctrine, articulated during the campaign or at the beginning of the presidency, ends up often being quite far from the initial articulation when implemented? This has been true for presidents across both the political and ideological spectrums, and remains a key factor in…

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