YPFP is a proud partner of the 2014 Security & Defence Agenda Security Jam!

The Security Jam, is a unique annual event organised by the Brussels-based think-tank and YPFP partner, Security & Defence Agenda (SDA). The Jam is divided into six thematic online forums in which participants get the chance to chat with thousands of political and military leaders, civil society representatives, academics, captains of industry and journalists. 

The Jam creates a space for intensive interaction - this year, in the course of 54 hours between 14-17 October. This is your opportunity to sign up and interact with the people who help shape the global security agenda!

Each forum will be tasked with coming up with policy recommendations on their topic. The top 10 recommendations will form a roadmap to be presented to the new NATO Secretary General and EU leadership as they take up their mandate and tackle issues such as the crises in Ukraine and Syria and challenges of cyber security. 

Making use of the YPFP Network 

The event will mark the second time in 2014 that YPFP leaders from across the world, from Washington to Brussels to Nigeria, engage in policy debates. Young Professionals in Foreign Policy has been offered an exclusive live-chat session, which will involve several YPFP staff members from the different branches and hubs.

In this JamChat, (taking place at 11pmCET/5pmEST) YPFP staff from around the world will be asked: "What  skills, knowledge and networks will the foreign policy leader of 2030 need?" Rising powers, cybersecurity, political extremism, demographic trends and the environment are all amongst the big topics that will be debated. The aspiring foreign policy leaders of tomorrow must prepare for these challenges today.

"The Security Jam is a rare opportunity for young professionals to have our voices heard and have an exchange with thousands of leaders worldwide, feel the pulse of global security and bring about tangible solutions to real security issues – don't miss out!" Håvard Sandvik, YPFP Security & Defence Programming Officer.

Sign up

For more information and to register, please visit www.securityjam.org. Don't forget to check out the Security Jam video as well as the list of confirmed VIPs here.

The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own and do not reflect the views of their employer or Young Professionals in Foreign Policy.

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