Have a question about attending a YPFP NY event? Ever wonder about what the protocol is for approaching distinguished guests and speakers?

Our Programming team has pulled together some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to serve as a go-to resource for prospective and current YPFP NY Members. If you have additional questions that are not covered here, please reach out to our Director of Programming Erin Levi, at erin.levi@ypfp.org.


What time do events begin?

Events begin at the time indicated on the event invitation and on the event page on the website.

For speaker events, panels, workshops and the like, we ask attendees to arrive at least 5-10 minutes before the scheduled start time. Note that some venues require an ID check or security screening before entering and that we will indicate when one is necessary; please allow some extra time in these cases.

Note that happy hours, galas and the like do not have strict starting times and that attendees are welcome to arrive past the starting time.


Is it okay if I am going to be late?

When possible, we will accommodate latecomers but note that in some cases it may not be possible to accommodate those arriving late. If you arrive late to an event, please be courteous when entering so as not to disturb others while the event proceeds.

Note that happy hours, galas and the like do not have strict starting times and that attendees are welcome to arrive past the starting time.

If you are not able to attend an event for which you previously RSVP'd and have been confirmed, please cancel your RSVP on the website or email the event contact listed on the event webpage. For some events, we have waiting lists and would like to accommodate those on that list whenever possible.


Is there a dress code?

While most of our events do not have a strict dress code, we ask event attendees to dress presentably as befits a professional organization. Most of our events take place on weekday evenings with many attendees coming from work, so you will notice that most attendees dress in business casual or more formal attire. We will note in the invitation and description if an event has a strict dress code.


Is it OK to approach speakers about job opportunities?

Our speaker events and panel discussions are primarily educational in nature and are not intended to be networking events per se. If you are interested in a speaker's field of expertise and would like career advice, you may approach him/her when appropriate. Please be courteous when approaching speakers, try not to focus the conversation solely on your career and respect speakers' wishes if they are not willing to give career advice/network with you.


Are there restricted topics for discussion?

While we strive to promote open debate, we also need to be respectful of speakers' and panelists' opinions. If you disagree with something a speaker or panelist says, you may bring it up respectfully during Q&As.

Speakers and panelists are taking time out of their busy schedules to speak to us and are not paid for their attendance, so please help us be gracious hosts.

Please do not disrupt nor challenge speakers or other attendees outright. Disruptive and/or rude behavior may be grounds for expulsion from the event at YPFP staff members' discretion.


Can I bring a friend?

For most events, yes! We welcome members' guests - be they friends, colleagues or acquaintances who are not YPFP members - to events unless an event is noted as exclusively for members. Please indicate when you RSVP for an event if you are bringing guests or have them RSVP on their own ahead of time. Note that nonmembers will be charged the nonmember entrance fee - something they can avoid if they become a YPFP member. There is no "guest of member" discount on entry fees.


Can I post about an event on social media, live tweet, take photos, etc.?

Our events are "on the record" by default unless otherwise noted. During an "on the record" event, you are welcome to live tweet, post event content online, attribute quotes to speakers, and audio/video/photo record for personal use.

Please be courteous and respectful of speakers, other attendees, hosts and venues when posting about the event online.

Please respect speakers' wishes if they do not want certain parts of their speech/presentation/discussion published, disseminated, and/or posted in an otherwise "on the record" event.

If you are a journalist, member of the press, or blogger and would like to cover one of our events for your publication, please contact our Executive Director Jerry Doran, jerry.doran@ypfp.org, before the event.


Will there be food?

That depends on the event. Some events will have a reception afterwards with drinks and hors-d'oeuvres, others will not. We typically do not offer meals at events. The event invitation and description will note whether food will be served at a particular event. Some venues may have strict policies against food or drink, so please respect those rules. In all cases, please be courteous if you bring your own food or drink to an event to consume.


I don't work in international relations but find it interesting. Can I still attend events?

Of course! We welcome members and nonmembers who may not work in "traditional" foreign policy fields. This being New York, we take an expansive view of what "foreign policy" means. You will find that most of our members do not work for the UN, government agencies or foreign policy think tanks; many of our members work for NGOs and in the private commercial sector - everything from finance to hospitality - and have an interest in global affairs.


I really enjoyed an event that I attended as a nonmember and want to become a member. How do I do that and what perks does it entail?

Apply to become a member here. Our Young Professional membership offers you free entry to almost all of our events, access to a global network of other young professionals, exclusive career development tools, as well as discounts on selected magazines, language courses, exam test preparation courses and more. Read more about the benefits of membership.