YPFP Brussels staff list

YPFP Brussels - Staff

Georgiana Dragomir, Executive Director

Georgiana is the Executive Director of YPFP Brussels. She leads the long-term planning and strategic development of the branch while overseeing and coordinating with the Programmes, Security and Defence, Membership and Communication teams. In addition, Georgiana represents the branch within the wider Brussels community. She is a strong supporter of multiculturalism, lifelong learning and of YFPF's mission to inform and strengthen the voices of young professionals across the globe.

Katie Low, Managing Director

Katie oversees the internal organisation of YPFP Brussels, coordinating staff management, training and development, and also collaborates with the Executive Director on strategic planning and liaison with YPFP’s other branches. She works in communications at the European Commission (and writes about ancient history in her spare time).


Thomas Richter, Development Officer

Thomas works as YPFP’s Development Officer and is in charge of creating new institutional and corporate partnerships in Brussels to enlarge the organisations impact and reach in Brussels. As such Thomas works in close collaboration with both YPFP Brussels’ Executive and Managing Director. Outside of YPFP, Thomas works as a Senior Advisor for IDA Group, covering trade and technology policy and is also the Deputy Chairman of the Junger Wirtschaftsrat Brüssel (Young Economic Council). Thomas also participated in the 3rd European Health Parliament.

Nefeli Filos, Innovation Officer

Nefeli works as our innovation officer, developing our alumni network and providing input towards our organization’s strategy and the development of new ideas and events. Previously, she held the post of Tools of the trade officer, organising skill-based workshops on a monthly basis for our members. Outside YPFP, Nefeli works as Legal Assistant at the European Commission, in the Directorate General for Mobility and Transport.


Petra Chladkova, Finance Officer

Petra has recently joined YPFP as our finance officer. She has a financial and economics background and enjoys working with figures, spreadsheets and statistics. She studied Management and International business at universities in the Czech Republic and Finland and holds a Master's degree in Economics and Management. Originally from the Czech Republic, Petra has been living in Brussels since 2014. she works at NATO in the Executive Management Division, HR Policy section, where she currently manages section budget, provides analyses and coordinates finance for various HR policy projects. She is a foodie, loves sci-fi movies and historical novels. 

Communications team

Email: brussels.comms@ypfp.org

Radu Gheorghe, Director of Communications and Marketing

Radu works as our Director of the Communications & Marketing team, overseeing its activities and liaising with other teams to ensure that the messages of YPFP Brussels are promoted in a timely manner. Previously he was the team’s Communications Officer, before being its Deputy Director. Radu holds a BA in International Relations and European Studies from the West University of Timisoara, and MA in International Conflict and Security from the University of Kent.

Kieran Watkins, Deputy Director of Communications and Marketing

Kieran works as our press officer, liaising with media and answering press enquiries. He played a valuable role in organising the inaugural YPFP Rising Star in Foreign Policy Award last year. Outside of YPFP, Kieran works as an associate consultant for Kreab, covering environment and energy policy. Originally from the UK, he enjoys acting, dancing the tango and travelling in his spare time.


Max Castro Antonio, Content Development Officer

Max leads the promotional strategy for Charged Affairs, YPPF’s global journal on foreign affairs and acts as contact point for YPFP members interested in writing for Charged Affairs. Outside of YPFP, Max is currently pursuing a second Master’s degree in Political Communication at the University of Amsterdam. Besides his native Spanish, he speaks English, French, Hungarian and is learning Dutch.


Sanne Biesmans, Marketing Officer

Sanne has contributed to the development of text and visuals for flyers, banners and postcards at YPFP Brussels. She has done some insightful analytics on the membership and organised an event with the programmes team. In her professional life, she works as an Executive Assistant to the Executive Director Global Policy at the ONE Campaign.


Youssef Kobo Aouriaghel, Social Media Officer - Twitter

Youssef Kobo is a Strategic Innovation Consultant and CD&V politician. He's a former advisor to the Brussels Secretary of Digitalization, a Belgian author, publicist and public speaker. He enjoys writing about International Relations, MENA, Entrepreneurship & Innovation. He is a member of the Think Thank Vrijdaggroep and member of the World Economic Forum's Global Shapers. He is also a social entrepreneur and founder of several non-profit programs around the world.

Adrian Garcia-Esteve, Communications Officer

Rob Quealy, Technical Advisor


Membership team

Email: brussels.membership@ypfp.org

Adrian Ondreicsik, Director of Membership

Adrian works as the Membership Director, where he develops and implements membership recruitment, retention and projects strategy. Adrian has been part of the YPFP team for over two years, and was previously in charge of YPFP’s Advisers’ Programme. Apart from YPFP, Adrian works as a media analyst at the European Commission.


Lucas Lanziotti, Deputy Director of Membership

Lucas works as a membership officer, promoting and increasing the organisation’s visibility and reach to attract new members. He successfully publicized the “Intern Package” through a comprehensive outreach campaign. Lucas outside YPFP works as a project executive for Development Solutions on a project to support EU SMEs on Intellectual Property Rights.


Maria Agnese Arban, Membership Projects Officer

Maria currently works as a project manager in the consultancy AESA where she provides needs assessment and skills support for projects in the field of social and governmental development. She holds a Master's degree from the Université libre de Bruxelles with a specialisation in Peace, Security and Conflicts. She has previous long-lasting volunteering experiences in particular with the European Youth Parliament association. She was also part of EYP for 4 years during which she actively contributed to the association by organising several events including the Italian national selection in 2014.

Sami Shammas, Membership Project Officer

Cristina Paca, Membership Benefits Officer


Programmes team

Email: brussels.programmes@ypfp.org

Tom Van Rooy, Director of Programmes

As our Director of Programmes, Tom oversees the foreign policy events and career-focused trainings that are organised by the Programmes Team. Tom played a key role in the development of YPFP’s Bylaws, has been instrumental in securing and managing YPFP Brussels’ largest grant, and continues to enjoy moderating events.


Anna Costiuc, Deputy Director of Programmes

Hazel Lincy Ebenezer, Tools of the Trade Officer
Hazel works as a Tools of the Trade series officer under the Programmes Team. The Tools of the Trade series organizes sessions where professionals share different workplace skills with YPFP. Outside of YPFP, Hazel is completing her LLM in Human Rights Laws with the University of Kent, BSIS.



Valeria Numbela, Ambassador Series Officer

As part of the Programmes Team, Valeria is responsible for the organization of the Ambassador Series - one of YPFP's flagship events. Outside of YPFP, Valeria works for the U.S. Department of the Army supporting the Business Recreation Division.



Alexandra Bihain, Programmes Officer

Alexandra has joined the YPFP family as a Programmes Officer. She will be under
the direct management of the Director of Programmes to plan, organise and
moderate YPFP Brussels events. Alexandra has a solid background in
international trade and international commercial relations and is looking forward
to organising trade related events in Brussels.

Adel Ramdani, Programmes Officer

Adel assists the Programmes team in the set-up of various events and
brings support to the members across YPFP. Adel is currently working at
the United Nations Capital Development Fund in Brussels. He is a
graduate from the Global Studies Programme conjointly awarded by the
University of Freiburg (Germany) and the University of Cape Town
(South Africa). His professional experiences include the African Union
Commission (Ethiopia) and the League of Arab States (Egypt). His area
of expertise includes African and Middle Eastern affairs and Human

Diana De Vivo, Programmes Officer

Diana holds a Master's Degree (cum laude) in International Relations and Politics and a Bachelor's Degree (cum laude) in Political Sciences from the University of Naples "L'Orientale", Italy. She currently works full time at NATO and has previously worked at the European External Action Service (EEAS) and the Calabria Region Delegation to the EU, the Italian Delegation to NATO and the Joint Force Command NATO in Naples. She love writing and reading and has published several articles for various international think-tanks on foreign affairs issues. She likes travelling and exploring new cultures, and practices yoga in her spare time. 

Franziska Krueger, Programmes Officer

Fransiska studied European Studies, with a special focus on Eastern Europe, and International Relations in Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Italy. Next to her undergraduate studies, Franziska was a board member of the Model United Nations Association Basel and AIESEC Basel. Furthermore, she has worked in Serbia and Kosovo on the topic of R2P and volunteered in Africa in the areas of poverty reduction and environment. In her spare time Franziska enjoys traveling and learning new languages.

Security & Defence Director team

Email: brussels.secdef@ypfp.org

Solène Jomier, Director of Security & Defence

Solène oversees the event projects led by our Secdef team of volunteers and works to ensure solid cooperation with key-partners such as NATO and EDA. She is also the founder of our Terrorism and Radicalisation Series. Outside of YPFP, Solène works as a Security Analyst for ESISC, monitoring threats posed by terrorist groups on the Energy sector.


Jeoffrey Houvenaeghel, Deputy Director of Security & Defence

Jeoffrey works as deputy director in the security and defence program. He provides support to the security and defence team in planning, organising and implementing events. He has organised a number of events for YPFP ranging from discussion groups to ‘Mainstreaming Gender in Security and Defence Policy Shaping.’ Jeoffrey worked as trade policy advisor for Philippine Embassy in Brussels. Currently, he works as an assistant at the Taipei Representative Office in the EU and Belgium.

Alicia Jensen, Security & Defence Officer

Alicia is a Security and Defence Officer at YPFP since April, supporting the Security and Defence team with planning and organising events. Her background includes a focus on nuclear weapons, and on transatlantic security perspectives and she has worked at the US embassy in Helsinki and as OSINT Analyst in Brussels. In her current position outside of YPFP she focuses on European defence policy analysis.


Matteo Baronio, Security & Defence Officer

Nina Hasratyan, Security & Defence Officer

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