YPFP Brussels ready to launch 4th edition of Advisers Programme

The Advisers Programme quickly became an established part of YPFP’s activities in Brussels. We have organised three cycles so far and are excited to launch the next (fourth) one in the coming days.

YPFP created an incredible network of young professionals over the five years of its presence in Brussels. Sharing those contacts with our members through the Advisers Programme is a natural way of fulfilling part of YPFP’s mission - to provide future leaders with the network they need to better face critical challenges.

The third cycle saw 34 participants joining the Programme. “We connected 17 young and dedicated professionals to more senior peers.” informs Erik Zolcer, the Programme’s coordinator. “We try to make sure the people do not know each other from before, so they gain a new contact,” explains Erik.

YPFP Brussels members can apply for both roles: as Advisees and as Advisers too. “We give our experienced members the opportunity to share tips on getting ahead and ‘send the elevator back down’, so to speak”. “Lots of thought goes into pairing. We want to make sure people really are an asset to each other,” adds Erik.

Besides connecting people, participants get an exclusive access to a set of career development seminars. During the third cycle, YPFP hosted dedicated Advisers Programme workshops on: CV writing, professional business writing, public speaking and networking. Besides fine-tuning crucial skills, the workshops give both partners ideas on what to discuss in their one-to-one sessions. “We will definitely keep on bringing in career development experts to the fourth cycle as well,” reveals Erik. “We will hold a session on discovering one’s core strengths, but we will visit the ever-green topic of getting ahead in the EPSO competition too. And much more.”

Most participants appreciate the personal touch. Advisers are accomplished professionals and dedicate time to address the Advisee’s issues. For instance, one Advisee wanted to get a job in public affairs. Her Adviser – a director level public affairs professional –offered mock interviews on camera. To make the experience more real, this took place at the Adviser’s office. “I was pleased to learn how creative and devoted some of the Advisers are”, shares Erik. “We appreciate their input and applaud their enthusiasm.”

If you are interested in getting involved, visit our dedicated YPFP Advisers Programme web page and learn more.

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