Advisers' Programme Launch - Apply Now

The Advisers' Programme is YPFP’s flagship career development initiative intended to connect like-minded people at different stages in their career. Dedicated, accomplished individuals (Advisers) are paired up with motivated young professionals at an earlier stage in their career (Advisees).

The Advisers' Programme aims to help both partners focus on short and long term career development goals. Advisees and advisers are encouraged to set goals, meet regularly, draft career development plans and make the most of each other’s professional backgrounds.

Advisees are able to get insight into new fields, discover their strengths, define personal career development goals and have more experienced professional help to find ways to achieve them. Furthermore, advisees will extend their network, receive valuable tips and get immediate feedback from their advisers. 

The time commitment is modest and defined by the partnership. Advisers and advisees decide themselves how often and in what format they meet.

The Programme is intended for YPFP members at the beginning of their career with no more than 3 years of professional experience.

Upon request, YPFP will organize discussion groups on various topics related to the specific interests of the selected members.

The sixth cycle will run from 1st of November until 31st of January (participants are expected to reside in Brussels during this time). Please email brussels.membership@ypfp.org to obtain the application form for the advisee role.

The application form must be returned to the above email address together with a short CV (max 1 page long) by Monday 23 October 2017.

Due to the large number of applications we cannot guarantee that each applicant will be admitted to the programme.

The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own and do not reflect the views of their employer or Young Professionals in Foreign Policy.