YPFP NY: UN Sanctions and the North Korean Threat

Posted on May 6, 2013

In partnership with the Center for International Law at New York Law School, YPFP NY held an event with Joshua Black, the chief of the sanctions unit of the United States Mission to the United Nations (UN). Mr. Black leads a team responsible for U.S. sanctions policy towards a number of nations, but the event on April 23, 2013, titled “UN Sanctions and the North Korean Threat,” primarily covered strategy related to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Mr. Black opened with an overview of North Korea’s history with nuclear weapons going back to the 1990s. As North Korea continued to develop their weapons program, UN sanctions have also been refined. “Targeted” sanctions seek to pressure key North Korean decision-makers by freezing assets, prohibiting certain individuals’ international travel, and preventing the import of certain luxury goods. As with previous talks this spring, some of the most intriguing portions of Mr. Black’s comments were about  the inside view of the relationships between diplomats. Mr. Black described how key countries worked together to produce sanctions plans.

An audience member asked directly about the impact of the China’s relationship with the DPRK on sanctions at the start of an animated question and answer session. Other questions addressed Russia’s stance on sanctions and what efforts the UN is taking to engage the North Korean diaspora. After the lecture YPFP members networked with students and young alumni of NYLS over wine and snacks.

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Eve Ahearn is Associate Director of Communications for YPFP New York.