YPFP #ElectionEssentials

Posted on March 20, 2014

YPFP Brussels is launching a brand new video project – YPFP #ElectionEssentials - to show that young professionals matter in the lead up to the European elections in May.

We pitched 5 members’ questions to representatives of the 5 biggest European political groups…and then made 5 videos.

The project was the brainchild of Maximilian Rech, of YPFP Brussels, who is currently based in China.

“I am very interested in European politics, yet I have a hard time forcing myself to read party programmes,” says Rech. “The #ElectionEssentials provide an easy and accessible way to compare party positions on key questions for Europe’s youth.”

Youth engagement

The questions YPFP members deemed most important centred on youth unemployment, energy, emerging economies, the EU’s diplomatic clout and cyber security. MEPs Marietje Schaake (ALDE), Elmar Brok (EPP), Bas Eickhout (EGP), Hannes Swoboda (S&D), and Emma McClarkin (ECR) all took up the challenge of explaining their positions in the interviews. “Coming up with the questions was like crowd-sourcing on key policy domains. We wanted to ensure we hit the nerve on what preoccupies the hearts and minds of young professionals today so we solicited questions from the YPFP network,” explains Rech.

“The five most pertinent issues were selected and the outcome is a good representation of what defines this year’s European elections - at least in the minds of young Europeans," he adds.


Volunteers at YPFP Brussels work hard every day to create a community that offers clear benefits to its members. The branch has a strong background in putting on events and over the past year the branch has added interviews with today’s high profile decision-makers through YPFPtv to its offering (www.youtube.com/ypfptv).

"I wanted to create something candid, that our audience can really relate to, rather than the rehearsed speeches and perfectly recorded performances that we so often see from our politicians," explains Kayleigh Lewis, Multimedia Officer, YPFP Brussels, who was responsible for filming YPFP Election Essentials.

"Capturing the MEPs as they went about their daily business was a key part of the concept," adds Lewis. "I tried to capture the MEPs in places where they were passing by, going about their daily work in the reality that is the hustle and bustle of the European Parliament, to find out what they genuinely thought about these issues which are so important to our members, and, I believe,  European youth in general," she says.

Get involved

Do you agree with the MEPs? Take the conversation forward and let them and us hear your views:


Interested? You can watch the videos here:

·         “YPFP #ElectionEssentials 1 - youth unemployment”

·         “YPFP #ElectionEssentials 2 - energy”

·         “YPFP #ElectionEssentials 3 - emerging economies”

·         “YPFP #ElectionEssentials 4 - diplomatic clout”

·         “YPFP #ElectionEssentials 5 - cyber security”

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