YPFP DC: New Visions For National Security From The Head Of Defense Intelligence

Posted on January 28, 2013

Lieutenant General Michael Flynn,Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, joined YPFP DC on January 23 to discuss reshaping defense analysis and promoting stronger integration within the Intelligence Community. LTG Flynn is leading the effort to build responsive capacity within DIA and to instill a culture shift in intelligence-law enforcement-military integration.

The Department of Defense and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) are both in a key transition period. These two institutions – and indeed, the entire Nation – have been embroiled in conflict for more than a decade against enemies that are both resilient and adaptive. The need for “on-demand,” accurate, responsive intelligence has grown as have the technologies and methods for collection and analysis. In the foreseeable future, the pace of change will continue to accelerate. In this climate, we must reflect on past lessons while looking to emerging challenges to adapt. We must find ways to be increasingly integrated and collaborative and remain sufficiently adaptable and flexible to understand and respond to an increasing number of threats.

How to Fight Networks: New Visions for National Security From the Head of Defense Intelligence from YPFP


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