YPFP Brussels Profiled: Marine Vallet

Posted on January 20, 2014

The start of 2014 saw a big change in YPFP Brussels’ Programming department as Marine Vallet stepped into the role of Director, replacing Leonardo Colucci.

Vallet who has been Deputy-Director of the Programming team for the last six months, has been involved with YPFP Brussels since 2011.

“I joined as a member in April 2012 in order to attend the Ambassador Series,” she says. “In September 2012 I joined the Programming team as the Institutional Programming Officer and have been working with the team ever since.”

The promotion for Vallet onto the YPFP Brussels Board of Directors comes as Colucci steps down from the Board to concentrate on his work outside of YPFP. He will, however, remain a part of the wider YPFP Brussels team, working with the Board in an advisory capacity on future projects.

“2013 was our most successful year with over 30 fantastic events,” explains Vallet. “And 2014 promises more excitement with many more foreign policy issues to grapple with - from the European Elections to NATO troops pulling out of Afghanistan.”

“We are planning events to mark these, and other foreign policy happenings and world events, such as the World Cup in Brazil. The aim, as always, is to bring our members timely discussions on relevant events and to continue to foster their professional and personal growth through hands-on Tools of the Trade workshops,” says Vallet adding that she herself has learnt a lot from workshops in the past, particularly from one on speechwriting led by NATO’s Jonathan Parish.

Outside of YPFP Vallet spends her time savouring the flavours of different foods from all over the world and maintaining her cooking blog.