YPFP Brussels: New staff join the team

Posted on October 2, 2013

After receiving more applications per position than ever before, the YPFP Brussels team has recruited six new volunteers to join the close-knit team in order to replace departing staff.

“It’s always very exciting to get new volunteers on board as staff,” said Bryony Taylor, Managing Director of YPFP Brussels. “We had more strong applications than ever before, but we unfortunately can’t bring everyone into the team. We hope we’ve picked the top five to help continue and strengthen the great work the branch has been doing.”

Two of the new volunteers will join the Programming team to lead the Ambassador Series, help with institutional events and across the Programming team more generally.

Heleen Vollers has moved from Deputy Director of Membership to focus on planning more events across the European institutions. Brikena Xhomaqi joins to take over the lead on the Ambassador Series and Sarah Velud as a Programming Officer helping to organize many of the three events a month that the branch puts together for its members.

Communications and Marketing have hired Konstantinos Alexandropoulos to be the branch’s new webmaster looking after content posted on the YPFP website.

Taking over the role from Heleen, Alexandra de la Bruslerie will take up the Deputy Director of Membership post. Addtionally, the Membership have taken on Sami Shammas as Membership Projects Officer to help with a number of ongoing projects and to keep up the momentum of membership events, and Noora Lampinen who will begin working as the new Membership Benefits Officer.

All new staff will be given an induction to the branch and YPFP more generally on a team day in October. All will be starting to work in their positions from this month.